WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 7
Surprise (8:29 AM/10 Doctors)



Outside of the Facility, the guard with the cell phone waits for the other end to pick up and just before the guard decides to hang up, it connects. "What is--," is all the guard could say before the person on the other hand answers, shouting out his situation in the Loading Bay. 


At the Facility's Loading Bays, one level down from Amecemis HQ Building, the not-so-dead guard on his cell phone shouts out, "I'm under attack down here! Hunk and I were shot down by a rogue scientist and two others locked us up in a wall compartment! Hunk is dead and I have shot one of the scientists! The one who shot me, I can't see! There is another scientist armed somewhere! Send reinforcements!" Dr. GELDING heard the guard's report and knew that more guards were coming, and Dr. GELDING had no idea what to do next! The only thing Dr. GELDING knew is that the guard didn't know exactly where she was standing.


At the Facility's Collection Office door, Dr. TAKOBEL takes a step back, unable to stare at the corpse of his colleague, whos face is still implanted in the glass hole the four just made with their oxygen tanks. Inside the office, Dr. MANDELBAUM & Dr. MOEBIAS use the butt of their tanks and knock the rest of the glass away. Dr. MOEBIAS shouts, "Forgive me for this, Dr. TAKOBEL," as Dr. MOEBIAS hits the glass where the dead doctor is implanted. As the dead body falls facefirst outside the door, Dr. MENDELBAUM & Dr. MOEBIAS knock away the rest of the glass as Dr. TAKOBEL vomits. Since the doors are all on lockdown, Dr. MENDELBAUM & Dr. MOEBIAS step through the glass opening one foot at a time and one shoulder at a time until both emerge from the office. Dr. MOEBIAS grabs Dr. TAKOBEL, apologizes again for what he had to do, and the three begin to make a dash for the floor elevator to escape the Facility.


At a Facility's Lab, Dr. MUHAMMAD bypasses the access code and the Lab door slides open, causing the smashed corpse of another doctor to slide along the opening, still stuck to the door panel. Once the door extracts into the wall, the dead doctor flops facefirst onto the floor. Dr. MUHAMMAD steps over the dead scientist and immediately goes for a container marked [4078-ANB] and wedges it into the largest lab coat pocket he has. Before leaving, Dr. MUHAMMAD also grabs a handful of other experimental boxes from the Lab: [7078-ANB], [2178-ANB], and a third marked [CUR-730/WOOD], also identified as 'Highly Unstable'.


On the Co-Ed Living Quarters floor at the Main Elevator, Dr. SPANKY is on one side of the mob of doctors trying to get their badges to access the elevator while Dr. DEFAULT & Dr. FRIVOLOUS are on the opposing side. Both Dr. SPANKY's & Dr. DEFAULT's badges will work, but its a race through the mob to get there first. And even if they do, the mob will overpower anyone with access to frantically flee the Facility! The flashing yellow lights of the Biohazard are still flashing around, but the Deventilation System has just stopped and has begun returning fresh oxygen to the Facility. As all the surviving doctors and scientists are removing their oxygen masks and discarding their temporary oxygen tanks, Dr. SPANKY, Dr. DEFAULT, Dr. FRIVOLOUS, and twenty other doctors are thrown into a new terror as the floor above them begins to cave in! The chemical compound spilled a half hour ago isn't finished!


Deep In the Security Storage Wing, As Dr. TINMINIT & Dr. PAIN let Dr. PEPPER escape to the elevator, Dr. TINMINIT gets Dr. PAIN to his feet, and they both run the opposite direction. As Dr. PEPPER disappears into the elevator, Dr. TINMINIT pushes on a wall panel and it slides sideways into the wall, exposing a secret metal staircase! "Executive Clearance only," Dr. PAIN jokes and they run in, unaware 'Pinky & The Brain' are in Dr. TINMINIT's lab coat pocket!


Inside the Facility Elevator, Dr. PEPPER rests against the side, exhaling deeply, completely out of breath. Dr. PEPPER looks at his watch, reads 8:30 AM, and starts to laugh to himself. "A half hour and the Loading Bay doors will open. I'll get a ride with the delivery truck and report Dr. MUHAMMAD." Seconds later, the elevator's door's open after reaching the top and Dr. PEPPER comes face-to-face with a barrel of a gun! Hiding inside the truck, Dr. GELDING hears three things: Dr. PEPPER pleading, "Don't shoot!", a gunshot, and the shell casing bouncing.


R.I.P. Dr. PEPPER (11 votes out of 30)

In a previous live, Dr. PEPPER was once a police officer named CODY who was shot through the eye by a fly-by bullet at a carnival.


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