Battle Royale
Author: Forever Incomplete

Chapter 8
Rabbit vs Racoon

Racoon POV:

What even was the point of all this? If we won, we’d be sent in again next year. If we lost, we were dead.

“Come on out, Rabbit and Racoon! Your times to shine are now!”


Announcer POV:

Watching the fighters come out, I decided who I wanted to win. Once decided, I activated the trigger for the loser’s collar. It was most amusing to see people betting on a pre-determined outcome. The track changed as both walked out and took their sides of the field.


Rabbit POV:

I noticed a strange scent, abeit faint. Racoon charged out of nowhere and I managed to dodged by ducking and then scurrying to the other side. Leaping over him, I brought my knees down on his back, pinning him to the floor. Thrashing, the dumpster diving Therianthrope missed me with every slash as I got up. Cyon got up as well, hackles raised and claws out.


Racoon POV:

Seeing red, I charged at the ‘fluffy’ Therianthrope and tackled him to the ground. Grabbing one of his ears, I ripped it from his skull. Crushing his skull in with a punch, I slowly got up.

“Brute Racoon Cyon, ladies and gentlemen!”


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