WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 6
Abaft (8:24 AM/11 Doctors)



Outside of the Facility, the guard holding the phone waits for the other end to pick up and it never does. That guard reports to his co-guard that something isn't right and makes another call on another phone. The co-guard readjusts his position to a more assertive status, believing his partner to be correct. "Go ahead and report it, I have the gate under control," the co-guard says and the guard with the red phone hangs up, picks up his cell, and dials in a new call.


At the Facility's Loading Bays, one level down from Amecemis HQ Building, Dr. GELDING & Dr. ITSTOBIG are both too scared to attempt to answer the phone inside the delivery truck. "What do we do?" Dr. ITSTOBIG whispers as if someone else could hear him. Dr. GELDING shrugs her shoulders and the phone ringing stops. Dr. GELDING takes a large breath and exhales deeply with a hint of a chuckle as silence returns to the Loading Bay. Dr. ITSTOBIG also joins in the chuckle and says, "That was close! We dodged a bullet on that one," and that was when a faint cell phone's chime begins to ring. Instantly, Dr. GELDING & Dr. ITSTOBIG realize that this second call is coming from the wall compartment where they hid the two shot guards! Dr. GELDING looks at Dr. ITSTOBIG and before she can speak, four gunshots ring out in the Loading Bay. Dr. GELDING watches Dr. ITSTOBIG's chest and shoulder splurt out in four bloody spasms as Dr. ITSTOBIG is shot from behind! As Dr. ITSTOBIG collapses face down dead on the Loading Bay door, Dr. GELDING hears one of the thought-to-be-dead guards exits from the wall compartment, reloads his extra pistol and shouts, "Oh, You Are In Big Trouble!"


In the Facility's Collection Office, one level down from the Loading Bays, Dr. MANDELBAUM & Dr. MOEBIAS are on their hands and knees, crawling toward the Collection Office door. They're carrying their temporary oxygen tanks with the face masks applied and trying everything to open the office door. They try scanning their badges, slapping the glass door for others to hear, and Dr. MOEBIAS even tries bashing the oxygen tank against the glass, hoping to shatter it. Nothing works. Dr. MOEBIAS, exhausted, leans back and slaps his forehead, realizing the reason the door won't open. "It's the Biohazard Alarm! Nothing will open without Top Brass clearance! We're stuck!" That's the moment when a THUP strikes the door!


Outside the Facility's Collection Office, Dr. BLUFORD & Dr. TAKOBEL are standing outside the office door and see Dr. MANDELBAUM & Dr. MOEBIAS inside trapped. Behind them at the back of the office, they see another person in a lab coat, face down on the floor without a tank and mask. "We'll get you out!" Dr. BLUFORD screams at the two alive inside. Dr. TAKOBEL looks at Dr. BLUFORD and asks, "How?" Dr. BLUFORD picks up her tank, tells Dr. TAKOBEL to do the same, then signals for Dr. MANDELBAUM & Dr. MOEBIAS to follow suit. Dr. BLUFORD presses her tank against the glass door and the other three to the same. "1...2...3!" All four doctors retract their tanks and strike the glass at the same time in the same place, shattering the glass, making a basketball-sized hole! Just as they put down their tanks, a group of running doctors runs past them, one runs into Dr. BLUFORD by accident, and Dr. BLUFORD is lunged forward. The three watch Dr. BLUFORD's face get forced into the sharp glass edge!


At a Facility's Lab, Dr. MUHAMMAD is disgusted at a corpse stuck in the door to the Lab he needs, but the door's open enough to where he can bypass the access code. Due to the door not closing completely, the Biohazard Alarm security locking mechanism isn't functional.


On the Co-Ed Living Quarters floor at the Main Elevator, Dr. SPANKY, Dr. DEFAULT, & Dr. FRIVOLOUS are all trying to figure out how to get to the elevator. The mob of terrified doctors blocks their way to the access panel but Dr. DEFAULT isn't announcing to the mob that her badge will work. Unbeknownst to anyone else, Dr. SPANKY's badge will also work the panel!


Deep In the Security Storage Wing, Dr. PEPPER ran with all his might toward the elevator at the end of the hall while Dr. PAIN gave chase. Dr. TINMINIT, finally able to reach his feet, runs after Dr. PAIN. Due to Dr. PAIN tripping, Dr. TINMINIT is able to catch up, and out of breath says, "Let...him run. There's...another way...up!" Dr. PAIN nods as Dr. TINMINIT helps him up. 


R.I.P. Dr. ITSTOBIG (7 votes out of 30)

R.I.P. Dr. BLUFORD (7 votes out of 30)

In previous lives, Dr. ITSTOBIG was an astronaut in space named GOOSE who was betrayed by his colleague and shot four times. Dr. BLUFORD was once a college student named MALCOLM who fell out of the back of a pickup truck and died when his face struck a car door's window.


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