WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 5
Asphyxiation (8:19 AM/13 Doctors)



Outside of the Facility, the guards at the gate of the Amcemis HQ Building stand watch, awaiting the arrival of the delivery truck, that has yet to show from inside the Facility. One guard grabs the red landline phone and punches the only digit button on the stand: #1. The red phone rings several times but to his confusion, no one is picking up on the other end.


At the Facility's Loading Bays, one level down from Amecemis HQ Building, Dr. GELDING & Dr. ITSTOBIG are patiently waiting for their colleague to return with a container of extremely hazardous materials. They're hoping it is the one material they really need, which is probably going to be the hardest to get to. After another minute, Dr. GELDING said, "Something's wrong," and before Dr. ITSTOBIG could agree, a phone began to ring from inside the delivery truck! Dr. GELDING & Dr. ITSTOBIG starred at one other wide-eyed, not knowing what to do. 


In the Facility's Collection Office, one level down from the Loading Bays, Dr. MANDELBAUM, Dr. MOEBIAS, & Dr. SHROUD are stripping every desk drawer, every filing cabinet, and every desktop shelf, collecting every red folder they can. It's inside these folders that house all of the Facility's most updated and most detailed financial documents. As Dr. MANDELBAUM injects a flash disk into the Records computer to download as much information as possible, a heart-pounding buzzer goes off in the office, louder and not in sync with the Biohazard Alarm. Mr. MOEBIAS shouted, "That's The Deventilation Alarm!" and that is when the ventilation system automatically turned on, sucking the air out of the Collection Office. In case of a fire, the Deventilation System is designed to eliminate all smoke from the Facility, but it takes air with it. Dr. MANDELBAUM & Dr. MOEBIAS are able to reach the emergency oxygen tanks in time with the facial devices but Dr. SHROUD was too far away and suffocated to his death.


In the Facility's Mess Hall, Dr. TAKOBEL & Dr. BLUFORD, along with other doctors fleeing the Facility to safety leave the Mess Hall when the Deventilation Alarm blares over the Biohazard Alarm signal. Most doctors in the Facility know where all the emergency oxygen tanks are in every room, hall, and floor of the Facility but some are too panicked to react. Dr. TAKOBEL & Dr. BLUFORD, successful in their tank search, run past the Collection Office room.


In the Facility's Lab floor, Dr. MUHAMMAD runs to two other Lab rooms and collects a few unmarked objects small enough to fit in his lab coat and decides in the mass hysteria to go to one more lab. There is one item of value inside the Facility that Dr. MUHAMMAD can use outside the Facility to his benefit: a discretely small sealed box in marked [4078-ANB]. 


At the Co-Ed Living Quarters floor, Dr. SPANKY runs the in opposite direction of the mob of fleeing doctors as they head toward the Main Elevator of the Facility. Due to the Biohazard Alarm, none of the doors in the Facility will open, unless you are a high classes Amecemis employee, such as a Council Member or higher in rank. Dr. SPANKY knows that her time is limited the deeper she is in the Facility and when the Deventilation Alarm triggers, her job as part of the evacuation crew has just gone out the window. Survival was now her only focus!


At the Co-Ed Living Quarters floor, Dr. DEFAULT & Dr. FRIVOLOUS ran past and ignored Dr. SPANKY, who was running the opposite direction. Dr. DEFAULT pushed another fleeing doctor over and took his lab coat, so he wasn't running wet and naked amongst the other fleeing doctors in the mob. Dr. DEFAULT & Dr. FRIVOLOUS both found oxygen tanks after the Deventilation System activated and upon reaching the Main Elevator, all of the doctors were trying all their badges to activate the Elevator. Dr. DEFAULT said, "Crap! Only mine will work!" 


Deep In the Security Storage Wing, Dr. PAIN & Dr. TINMINIT never broke their stare at Dr. PEPPER. Finally, the Deventilation System Alarm triggered and Dr. PEPPER took off running after pushing both Dr. PAIN & Dr. TINMINIT over. Dr. PEPPER screamed as he ran, "You don't understand! Dr. MUHAMMAD is doing an experiment to kill everyone on the planet!" Dr. PAIN was able to reach his feet but Dr. TINMINIT was out cold. As Dr. PAIN ran, 'Pinky & The Brain' arrived at where Dr. TINMINIT was, both of them crawled into his lab coat pocket.


R.I.P. Dr. SHROUD (7 votes out of 30)

In a previous life, Dr. SHROUD was a superhero named SAMPSON, who was defeated by a being accidentally transported into space, where there is no oxygen to breathe.


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