Battle Royale
Author: Kelly Maree

Chapter 6
Poison Dart Frog vs Deer

Poison Dart Frog POV:

Sitting on the bench watching the end of the underwater fight, I puffed my cheeks up and deflated them as was my habit.

“Hey, Ribbit, good luck with your fight,” Vidian mocked.

“Same to you, Vidia,” I used the girl version of his name to tick him off. As our names were announced, Vidian went to throw a punch before I ducked and went out.

“Oh, deer, do you not want to fight?” the announcer taunted. I removed my gloves and began changing as he galloped out, antlers sharp. Leaping over him, I landed on his back and then onto the wall, sticking outside of his reach. It was interesting to see a deer seething.

“Get down here and fight like a man, toad!” the deer hissed. Only the announcer knew of my second secondary mutation (if that makes sense), and I wasn’t going to use that just yet.

Leaping at the deer, I latched onto his side and narrowly missed a kick from his hoofed feet before I broke the end bone in my finger and used the protruding bone to cut into the skin. Seeping poison over it, I was going to use his body against him.

“Get off me!” The deer writhed and rtwsted, trying to remove me from him.


Deer POV:

The wound burnt. Just what had that frog done?! Bting onto his leg, I ripped him off of me and tossed him at the wall. Side burning, I felt weak. The frog merely looked at me and croaked, waiting. For what…?


Poison Dart Frog POV:

Feeling the blood welling up below my eyeball, I focused on his neck, aiming for the artery. Firing a blood bullet of sorts, I missed. The deer flinched and the audience was surprised. Firing another, I got closer. I grazed him. Realising what was happening, the exhausted deer ran, making me incapable of locking on. Firing one shot after the other, I felt weak. I could only keep this up for so long.

Deer POV:

Changing my tactic, I charged at the dizzied frog and leaped at the wall, crushing it inward slightly around the frog. Bringing my feet down on the fallen frog, I crused him, guts coming out of his mouth like with a normal squished frog.

“Brute Deer, ladies and gentlemen!” The audience was silent for a moment before cheering. Did people really enjoy this bloodbath…?


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