WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 4
Blind (8:14 AM/14 Doctors)



A flashing Yellow light, indicating a Biohazard Warning, has begun to flash each hallway and every facility chamber room! Warning the Amcemis employees that their lives are in danger, everyone knows the procedures for each warning at hand, except for 'Pinky & The Brain' who have chewed through a vent in the Security Storage Wing. The two mice scurry along the cold floor toward three men who are at a stare down. 'Pinky & the Brain' quickly jitter down the hallway. 'The Brain' takes the lead on where to go next as 'Pinky' follows, growing hungrier. 


At the Facility's Loading Bays, Dr. GELDING & Dr. ITSTOBIG are tensioned awaiting the arrival of Dr. GHANJA and the cargo, but the Biohazard alarm came to life and both doctors looked at one another, questioning what to do: wait for Dr. GHANJA or just leave now with the truck? 


In the Facility's Board Room, the Council members have left the long corporate table and have begun exiting the room. Worried about where the biohazard situation started, Dr. ANGEL & Dr. MUHAMMAD flee the Board Room and dart downstairs to their Lab. Dr. ANGEL scanned her badge and as the Lab door opened, both doctors stood in awe at the giant hole in the lab floor! Dr. ANGEL covered her mouth from the vapors in the air as Dr. MUHAMMAD noticed the vacant cage. "What happ--," Dr. ANGEL started to say when Dr. MUHAMMAD suddenly snapped her neck from behind. As she fell lifelessly into the hole to the descending floor below, Dr. MUHAMMAD said, "Oh no, Dr. ANGEL. No, I'm not being blamed for this!" 


In the Facility's Collection Office, just starting to feel better, Dr. MANDELBAUM, Dr. MOEBIAS, & Dr. SHROUD are at their desks when the Biohazard warning goes off. The three look at one another and frantically start collecting all the files they can get, getting their plan of escaping the Facility and taking millions with them in gear! Dozens of Amcemis employees are hysterically running past the glass window as the three doctors begin to raid their office!


In the Facility's Mess Hall, Dr. TAKOBEL & Dr. BLUFORD realized that their call for 'Code Blue' never went through because of the now 'Code Yellow'. Which also meant that there was no-one coming for their now deceased co-worker. Dr. BLUFORD shouted, "We have to..(cough)..leave him and get to..(cough)..the Evacuation Center!" Dr. TAKOBEL nodded and too started coughing uncontrollably. Three doctors enter the Mess Hall and signaled for Dr. TAKOBEL & Dr. BLUFORD to follow them. This coding has never happened in Amcemis before!


At a Facility Lab, Dr. GHANJA, ignoring the alarm, took one step into the Lab and the Lab door instantly slid shut, squashing Dr. GHANJA's body into the crevices of the door lock. A blood fountain ejected from Dr. GHANJA's body as he was squished to death! The auto-system Biohazard protocol automatically seals all doors throughout the Facility during an emergency! 


In the Co-Ed Living Quarters, Dr. SPANKY heard a massive 'clanking' from the room she just exited but just a second later, the Biohazard warning erupted. Dr. SPANKY, reacting to the warning rather than the 'clanking', ran over to the closet, grabbed a stash of clothing, and darted out the Co-ed Quarters! Dr. SPANKY is in charge of emergency Facility evacuations!


At the Facility Showering Chamber Hall, connecting the Showering Chamber and the Co-Ed Living Quarters, Dr. DEFAULT & Dr. FRIVOLOUS jarred as the Biohazard Alarm turned on. Dr. DEFAULT shouted, "What the hell is going on around here!" and Dr. FRIVOLOUS slapped him a second time, then shouted, "Get your head straight! We have to go, now!" Both men ran toward the Co-Ed Living Quarters to collect their belonging and ran passed Dr. SPANKY.


Deep In the Security Storage Wing, Dr. PAIN & Dr. TINMINIT are having a stare down with Dr. PEPPER, none of them moving, regardless of the alarm blaring. The flashing of the yellow lights are reflecting in their eyes and the three are barely blinking. The distrust and tension in the air are thick. Finally, Dr. PEPPER pulled the paper out of his lab coat pocket and slowly handed it to Dr. PAIN. At the top of the ledger read: [From the offices of Dr. MUHAMMAD.]


R.I.P. Dr. GHANJA (6 votes out of 30)

R.I.P. Dr. ANGEL (6 votes out of 30)

In previous lives, Dr. GHANJA was an astronaut in space named HERCULES who was flattened by a Russian satellite and Dr. ANGEL was once a male nurse named T.BROWN who has his neck snapped by a co-worker who was part of a diabolical scheme for a cult.


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