WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 3
Impalement (8:09 AM/16 Doctors)



Like a silent killer in a house full of sleeping victims, the chemical compound is lurking its way down the Facility's floors, drains, wall seams, foundation gaps, and water lines. The fumes of the unknown toxin is polluting the air of the Facility as it ascends the air filtration systems.  But 'Pinky & The Brain', who have just found a way out of the wall they're in, are immune to its effects. Their injection will have its own unknown and unique side effects! 


At the Facility's Loading Bays, Dr. GELDING & Dr. ITSTOBIG found a paneling in the wall and stuffed the two guard's corpses inside. The blood was easy to smear up, just by using the guard's clothing. They stood by the truck, each one armed when a bizarre alarm triggered! 


In the Facility's Board Room, coming to a close in their Council meeting, Dr. ANGEL & Dr. MUHAMMED smile at the Council Leader's question, "Why make the subjects smarter?" Dr. MUHAMMAD answers, "It's the first stage of the compound, causing the brain to peak brain cell performance at a rapid pace. Once every brain cell is 'awaken', they all collectively shut down." Dr. ANGEL finishes, "The injection overloads the brain, thus resulting in complete brain failure in less than ten minutes." As the Council collectively nods, an alarm blares!


After leaving the Facility's Mess Hall, Dr. MANDELBAUM, Dr. MOEBIAS, & Dr. SHROUD head upstairs to their work department: the Collection Office. It's in this vast room where every employee must turn in their monthly lab reports, or as they all call it 'Lab Record Day'. Over three hundred separate report-filled binders will enter this room to be documented today. The three all scan their badges at the Collection Office entrance and return to their office desks, still woozy from the Mess Hall air. That was the moment when the alarm went off!


In the Facility's Mess Hall, Dr. TAKOBEL stood over their recently dead friend as Dr. BLUFORD ran over to a wall panel, slamming her hand against a dimly lit blue square. When her hand hit it, the brightness intensified and she screamed, "Code Blue! Code Blue! Mess Hall!" Instead of a Blue Light flashing all over the facility, a Yellow Light flashed instead, as if another alarm just went off before her's could. Dr. TAKOBEL & Dr. BLUFORD looked at one another in horror! "Yellow...!" Dr. TAKOBEL chokes up. Dr. BLUFORD finished, "Biohazard!" 


At a Facility Lab, Dr. GHANJA reached the door that houses the Facility's worst materials. More specifically, a unit marked [4078-ANB]: a vile creation that will make all three of them filthy rich off the Black Market. As Dr. GHANJA illegally bypasses the door, alarm lights blare!


In the Co-Ed Living Quarters, Dr. SPANKY, finished with her morning rendezvous with Dr. FEELGOOD, slipped out of the bed, and covered herself with her lab coat. Dr. FEELGOOD simply relaxes in bed on his back with his hands behind his head. One floor above, the lab where the chemicals mixed, oddly creaked. Before Dr. FEELGOOD could question it, the ceiling caved in and a large corrosive pipe smashed Dr. FEELGOOD's skull into his bed pillow! It's this horrendous action that causes the Biohazard alarm to flare throughout the Facility.


At the Facility Showering Chamber Hall, connecting the Showering Chamber and the Co-Ed Living Quarters, Dr. DEFAULT, still naked and wet, now screaming beyond comprehension, gets a hardcore slap across the face from Dr. FRIVOLOUS! The slap stops Dr. DEFAULT's screams and Dr. FRIVOLOUS askes, "What happened?!" Dr. DEFAULT collected all recollections and explained how one doctor in the shower melted and now, his lab partner just exploded for apparently no reason. Before either could say another word, a powerful alarm erupts! 


Deep In the Security Storage Wing, Dr. PAIN is looking oddly at Dr. PEPPER, questioning a paper stick out of his lab coat pocket. Dr. TINMINIT looks down and sees it too. The whole point of going to the Incinerator was too vacant documentation before evidence could be leaked. "Oh, it's nothing important," Dr. PEPPER says, and starts to walk away. When Dr. PAIN reached out and grabbed Dr. PEPPER, an alarm began to echo the wing. None of them flinch!


R.I.P. Dr. FEELGOOD (7 votes out of 30)

In a previous life, Dr. FEELGOOD was a fairgrounds janitor named PRESTON who had an adoptive son who went insane at a town carnival and was eventually killed by his own son by getting his head squashed by a large Whack-A-Mole novelty mallet.


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