WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 2
Collapses (8:04 AM/17 Doctors)



Curiously watching how things are unraveling, the Grim Reaper is keeping a close eye on his two four-legged advocates, who are prying a vent door into the deepest level of the Facility. As the chemicals they spilled are mixing and affecting all levels of the Facility, the chemical injected into them is making them ravenously hungry: one for food, the other for answers. As 'Pinky & The Brain' work on the air vent unit in the wall, trying to figure out a way in, the chemicals continue down the piping as a liquid and up the piping as a horrifically toxic gas!


At the Facility's Loading Bays, Dr. GHANJA throws the gun to Dr. GELDING and tells Dr. ITSTOBIG, "Stay here and get rid of the guard's bodies. I'll get step two started." As Dr. GHANJA leaves the other two behind and exits the Loading Bay, Dr. GELDING & Dr. ITSTOBIG immediately begin working, shocked everything is going so smooth. Dr. GHANJA heads back to the main elevator, hoping that Dr. AFNAM, Dr. TAKOBEL, & Dr. BLUFORD have left their lab. The lab they were working in has the extremely hazardous materials they're going to need!


In the Facility's Board Room, Dr. ANGEL shows the Head Council a diagram on their SmartScreen of the beginning stages of what Dr. MUHAMMAD has named 'Education'. Dr. ANGEL changes the screen to a video, showing an injection to several different animals, all receiving the same compound. Dr. MUHAMMAD explains to the Council that each test subject reacted the same: each became more intelligent seconds after the injection was given. The council asked, "Why make the subjects smarter?" Dr. MUHAMMAD & Dr. ANGEL both smiled.


In the Facility's Mess Hall, Dr. MANDELBAUM, Dr. MOEBIAS, & Dr. SHROUD continue to discuss their plan of escaping the facility with millions of the Amcemis Company's finances. The metallic smell in the air begins to harden their senses when Dr. SHROUD finally said, "I can't take this smell anymore. I'm going back to th--," and at that moment, Dr. AFNAM, Dr. TAKOBEL, & Dr. BLUFORD walk into the Mess Hall doors. Dr. MANDELBAUM, Dr. MOEBIAS, & Dr. SHROUD all stand up, put away their trays, and they leave the Mess Hall exit coughing. Dr. TAKOBEL exclaims with a sigh, "Lab Record Day," as he's gathering his food tray. Dr. AFNAM & Dr. BLUFORD agree, neither one enthused. Before any of the three could ask why the other three doctors left so quickly, Dr. BLUFORD exclaimed, "What the hell is that smell?" as she put food on her tray. Dr. AFNAM went to answer but began coughing, and quickly unable to breathe! Dr. AFNAM collapsed, gasping and coughing horrifically while foaming at the mouth. Before either could get help, Dr. AFNAM expelled his last breath with open bloodshot eyes.


In the Co-Ed Living Quarters, Just below this lab, Dr. FEELGOOD & Dr. SPANKY are entangled with one another. Dr. FRIVOLOUS, however, is working his way to the Showering Chamber when screaming echoes down the hallway. Dr. FRIVOLOUS begins to run toward the screaming as two naked men appear in front of his view from down the hall! One floor up, in the lab where the chemicals mixed, the floor is quickly crumbling, causing all the linoleum to curl up, and the metal beam structures of the Facility are quickly corrosively breaking away. 


Fleeing the Facility Showering Chamber in fear and horror, Dr. DEFAULT & Dr. COCBURN, both wet and naked, both escape down the hallway, looking of the emergency alarm trigger along the wall. Just ahead, Dr. FRIVOLOUS come running at them, confused about the commotion. Before either could explain what just happened, Dr. COCBURN violently vomits on the floor, doubles over, and began convulsing with severe muscle spasms! Dr. FRIVOLOUD and Dr. DEFAULT stare in horror as Dr. COCBURN explodes, spraying the hallway with blood and bile!


Deep In the Security Storage Wing, Dr. PAIN, Dr. TINMINIT, & Dr. PEPPER heard the Incinerator automatically turn on. They waited a minute, watched the green light turn red, then flash pulsing slowly. "We made it in time. Everything's good," Dr. TINMINIT says. They look at one another and let out a large sigh of relief: their record eviction job is complete. That's when Dr. PAIN looked down at his watch and sees a paper sticking out of Dr. PEPPER's pocket. Before any of them spoke another word, 'Pinky & The Brain' broke the air vent cover open.


R.I.P. Dr. COCBURN (5 votes out of 27)

R.I.P. Dr. AFNAM (5 votes out of 27)

In previous lives, Dr. COCBURN was an inmate named Patient CYRUS in an old insane asylum. CYRUS died by ingesting a slime that was possessed by angry spirits. Dr. AFNAM was once a police officer called Cheif BARBRADY, who was killed by a psychopath who covertly put cyanide in the cop's coffee. 


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