Battle Royale
Author: Forever Incomplete

Chapter 4
Lion vs Kangaroo

Lion POV:

Impressed by the junior Savage cat, I stood and stretched as my name appeared on the screen.


Kangaroo POV:

“Let’s get ready to rumble with the ferocious big cat and the badass marsupial! Come on out, Lion! Come on out, Kangaroo!” Bounding out, I knew I had the upper hand on this big kitty.

“I’m gonna claw your guts out, mate!” I taunted the long-haired guy. “Lovely hair ya got, mate. You get it from ya sister?” I continued, earning a laugh from the crowd. Leo snarled.

“Do you realise who you’re taunting? I am the KING of the big cats. I will tear you to pieces!”

“Yeah, right. Good luck!” I smiled as the announcer signalled and the music became faster, bounding up to hold onto the roof of the cage. A light layer of fur covered me and my legs changed.



“Glorified rabbit--”

“Piss off, mate.”

“--Are you too scared to face me? Is that why you hide--” I was promptly silenced by an incredible kick to the face. Stumbling, I growled. Bastard...



“You’re all talk and no action, kitty cat.” I taunted, hopping from side to side. ACDC began playing.

“Hell yeah!” I laughed. Bounding around the shaking kitty, I dodged every one of his swipes. Retaliating with a kick, I sliced his side open.

“What happened kitty? You were so confident...” I taunted, stopping.

“Never let your guard down!” he snarled, tackling me.

“Finally! I can get serious!” I sighed, punching him in the face. Kicking him off, I bounded from foot to foot, dodging and kicking back at his lousy swipes.

“Wrath blinds you, kitty!” I laughed, landing a solid kick to the chest. He swiped and I caught his wrist.

“Goodnight, mate. It was fun!” I added as I kicked through his stomach, the bloody claws on my foot dripping out the other side. Swinging around on my other foot and tail, I threw him at the wall.

“How was that?” I asked, wiping my forehead.


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