WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 2-Book 9: Lab Rats
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 1
Dissolve (7:59 AM/19 Doctors)



The Grim Reaper is everywhere around the Earth, and other places in the Universe as well, but favors Earth the most. Humans are so frail and fragile, it not only makes his job easier but more entertaining. So much, in fact, the Grim Reaper will bring back souls to Earth in new forms, just to see how they react and grow a second time. Sadly, one thing never fails: a reincarnated person always dies the same way they died the first, or second, time. Details may alter a bit, but if a person died their first time by fire, then a fire will result yet again!


At the Facility's Loading Bays, Dr. GELDING, Dr. GHANJA, & Dr. ITSTOBIG have just arrived in time to see the overhead blue light turn white. The colossal bay doors split from the middle, opening simultaneously. The doors won't open again until the next delivery or shipment at 9 AM. The delivery truck pulls in and two guards, as routine, park the truck and exit out. They collect a package from Dr. GELDING as Dr. ITSTOBIG signs the clipboard. Suddenly, Dr. GHANJA steals a guard's gun from his holster, kills both guards, and says "Alright, step one is ready!"


In the Facility's Board Room, located on the second level, Dr. ANGEL & Dr. MUHAMMAD have just arrived at their meeting with the Head Council to go over the current testing status on their test subjects: 'Pinky & The Brain'. The Facility of the Amcemis Company has functioning normally, as it has done for over a decade now. Successful research, lab & biotesting, and chemical creations, all because of Dr. ANGEL & Dr. MUHAMMAD genius direction. If only everyone in the Board Room knew that their test subjects were now wandering freely! 


In the Facility's Mess Hall, Dr. MANDELBAUM, Dr. MOEBIAS, & Dr. SHROUD double check and realize they're all alone, which to them is perfect. Dr. MOEBIAS begins to whisper to the other two that their plan to escape the facility is at hand, as well as over 2.7 million digital dollars of the facilities financing! Dr. MANDELBAUM & Dr. SHROUD begin to tell Dr. MOEBIAS their plan to get to the Loading Bays at the top of the next hour. That is when the three begin to smell an odd tint in the air. Unbeknownst to them, it's coming from the mixed chemicals!


In a Facility Lab, Dr. AFNAM, Dr. TAKOBEL, & Dr. BLUFORD finish their current experiment, they locked up the extremely hazardous material they were using, and they're removing their protective gear. As Dr. BLUFORD collects their PPE gear, Dr. AFNAM retrieves their study files. They all exit the lab together keeping one thing in mind: It's Lab Record Day. It's the day of the week every employee of the Facility hates because everyone must turn in their paperwork, digital files, or fill the incinerator and everyone always rushes at the last minute. In another Lab, The chemical mixture that 'Pinky & The Brain' unintentionally mixed together has already begun seeping in wall cracks, has traveled through water and drain piping and is giving off a toxin in the air. Its effects are beginning to slowly spread throughout the Facility! 


In the Co-Ed Living Quarters, Dr. FEELGOOD, Dr. FRIVOLOUS, & Dr. SPANKY have arrived and have already begun to kick off their shoes. As Dr. FRIVOLOUS leaves the four-person quarters to get a shower, Dr. FEELGOOD & Dr. SPANKY quickly embrace one another for a quick round!


In the Facility Showering Chamber, three doctors being to realize the water feels funny.  Dr. DEFAULT & Dr. COCBURN turn to one another, both with questioning stares, as Dr. DOCTOR horrifically began screaming at the top of his lungs! Dr. DEFAULT & Dr. COCBURN also begins screaming as Dr. DOCTOR's skin begins to melt off the tissue and muscle of his body! As 'Pinky & The Brain's' chemical mixes with the water in the piping, Dr. DOCTOR's life melts away as his muscles and organs slide off and out of his bones and flop onto the wet shower floor. 


Deep In the Security Storage Wing, Dr. PAIN, Dr. TINMINIT, & Dr. PEPPER are working frantically to lock away the last of the failed test files into a pressure lock system. In less than a minute, the Incinerator will automatically power on, instantly charring everything inside. As 'Pinky & The Brain' chew on the storage's air vent, the lab that once housed them, the floor where the chemicals mixed has slowly begun to erode and crack the lab linoleum tiles!


R.I.P. Dr. DOCTOR (8 votes out of 26)

In a previous life, Dr. DOCTOR was a supervillain named  B-BANE, who was defeated by a chemical imbalance that mutated his DNA, causing him to melt and dissolve.


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