Almost Heavenly.
Author: B. Howard

Chapter 3
Mental Warfare

Ebony had managed to survive on earth for a whole week. She continued to lack the knowledge of her potential and abilities. She wasn't confident in the beginning about "blending in", but it wasn't as difficult as she imagined it would be. A fake smile here, a fake laugh there - no one was convinced she was anything but human. She had them all fooled. Once her true identity was revealed, each of her newfound friendships would come to a close. Coming to this realization, she stared at her reflection in the mirror for what felt like an eternity. 


Her scars became apparent as she remembered her betrayal, turning her body until the area where her previous wings were located at began to burn. She had blindly followed a God that was entirely too greedy for His own good. She viewed him as a father then. He kept her safe from harm and whisked away the troubles of her past. He loved her with an unconditional type of love, accepting each of her flaws and welcoming her with open arms anyhow. Heaven was a temporary place of paradise as long as He was keeping watch. She was often greeted by smiling faces and illimunating appearances, for everyone there was beautiful and holy. 


He even allowed the reunion between mother and daughter before sending her off to work. She failed to see the true colors of God until He cast her out of Heaven. Who was He to be worshipped? He was a king of the Heavens, but what did he accomplish? His angels and messengers were His slaves. They kissed the very tips of his toes. Each of them were required to praise Him and sing songs in His glory daily.


Even His most faithful servants in the earthly realm endured heartache after heartache. They could've been spared or directed towards a brighter path. Their faith was put through trials and tribulations. Those that deserved torture or death seemed to walk freely about the earth, avoiding any obstacles that were possible. If the religious didn't stand their ground and keep their hearts guarded with righteousness, that's when the Devil would attack and expose their vulnerability. It was almost a contract deal, though the two absolutely despised each others. The mortals broke their own hearts and still cried out to God to mend their troubled souls.


While He held the ability to strike the earth with lightning and wash away the sin with a flood, He had His army do the work for Him. Conviction could fill millions with a single word from Him. There was nothing He couldn't do. Without so much as lifting a finger, His minions worked for Him relentlessly. Their loyalty was endless and they didn't take the time to doubt or ask questions. It were as though they were oblivious to the labor induced. What were they rewarded with for the good they did? Why were they expected to serve a God that could easily turn His back on them?


She wasn't planning on becoming His enemy. She hadn't thought about going against His word or committing sins that He detested. When pleasure crashed into her like a tidal wave, she had no choice but to submit. She acted in the flesh and allowed her heavenly status to be dropped. Even her mother had appeared discouraged. She could hear the disgusted murmurs amongst her fellow angels. Heaven was to be a place without judgment, but it seemed then that it was the place with the most judgment.


Her shame was great as she fell from the clouds, but she embraced who she currently was and what she had done. Truthfully, she did herself a favor. God treated her fairly, but she wasn't created to serve. She was to be her own person and bask in each of her accomplishments. Negative or even lustful feelings were natural and should be treated as such. Society would knock her down, but she would find her way again. She would hold herself closer than she ever held a lover or a friend.


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