WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 5: Trapped In The T.V.
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 8
Season 5, Episode 8

From the outside looking in, Mortey Von Kilmer was a beached whale propped up in a living room recliner with drool coming out the side of his mouth and eye rolled up with the lids still open. Less than five miles away, the lights from the approaching ambulance began to flash and race to Mortey’s home.


(Late Night: The Evening Show with Dave Letteropener)

Dave Letteropener looked at the current six survivors and a smile grew on his face. The six watched the bullet-catching curtain rise to a rattling audience and where their friend formally stood now had six eradicated three-foot-high podiums, each one with a large red bottom on top. A gameshow style music selection began erupting from the talk show band. From the ceiling above the button podiums descended six flat screen televisions, screens facing the crowd.


“Choose a podium,” Dave said, presenting his hand in a ‘walk on up’ gesture. Reverend Mother MARY-PAT, Ms. TEALTOWN, & HUNTER arose from their seats; HUNTER being directly beside Dave’s desk. HUNTER used the edge of the desk to pull herself up. Before Dave could say anything else, JACK said walking, “They asked you questions, and we all want answers.” Mr. HANK & Mr. LIMESTREET followed after him, choosing the final two middle podiums. What the six were instantly thinking was that Dave was going to ignore JACK and proceed with this television game, whatever the game persisted of, but JACK seemed to get under the skin of Dave Letteropener a bit.


Their answer was given: “This is ‘The Evening Show with Dave Letteropener, I am your gracious host Dave Letteropener, and my show is the first of its kind: LIVE television on Flixnet; a television app of digital shows that are filled a season at a time! My programing is unique from all the other shows on Flixnet: it’s LIVE! Current! On-going! What you see is what at home sees! And better yet…,” Dave’s voice grew louder over the speakers, “…look above you.” The six distinctly looked up at the screens and each one saw a television show happening, each one easily recognizable. “I wasn’t going to tell you the nature of the game nor let you see the screens, but you see, all the programmers here on The Evening Show see everything inside Flixnet! We can control each show, see the next season ahead, see future spin offs, change episodes at will: we know all, see all, and Everyone Reports To Me!” The crowd was cheering in agreement as Dave began to explain what The Evening Show really was but when Dave finished, the crowd went silent, as if they were just figuring out something for themselves. “We are Flixnet Central, the mother board to all of Flixnet, and ‘Will You Survive…?’ has the audacity to have a better online following, better writing, better ranking, and a more dominant show than the very first LIVE show in history!? My show?! Oh, I Don’t Think So, Gang!” The studio was so quiet, a pin drop could be heard. Dave Letteropener collected himself got up, walked around his desk, and sat on the front of the desk, legs dangling.


“The shows above you change every three seconds, and when you hit that button, each one of you will be digitally send to that show above you: L.A. Blue, Animal World, Packed House; who knows!? So, drum roll, band, and audience, cheer them on!” Dave shouted and the audience began to cheer a little louder, but HUNTER shouted, “Meet your next show: My Detonator!” Something beeped on the desk where HUNTER used to get up and before Dave could get off the desk, the stage exploded in a fireball, engulfing Dave in a cloud of fire, smoke, and debris!


The television screens from above blanked out and the television static crossed the six’s eyes, but they stayed on The Evening Show. Instantly, the side auditorium wall broke free to a running herd of Gazelles over the audience, the casts of Big Sister & Packed House showed up in the crowd, attacking at random, and a L.A. Blue car full of shooting criminals drove through Dave’s engulfed desk from backstage, and was shooting at everyone as it drove toward the six podiums! HUNTER & JACK grabbed Reverend Mother MARY-PAT and dodged the car. Ms. TEALTOWN, on the far left, ran toward the stage curtains and began to climb a stage ladder. Mr. LIMESTREET & Mr. HANK, however were at the middle podiums. When the criminal’s car emerged, it headed right for the crowd, and ran Mr. LIMESTREET & Mr. HANK over, splattering the stage floor. The shooting car from L.A. Blue smeared their bodies and drove off the stage into the crowd as new contestants from Fearless were seen climbing the rafters stage lights!


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