WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 5: Trapped In The T.V.
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 7
Season 5, Episode 7

The 9-1-1 operator repeated her call out to Mortey Von Kilmer to respond to no answer. The operator stayed on the line, informing the unconscious man that help was on the way as she radioed in the call signal and the address to the EMT’s and emergency unit on patrol. Mortey slumped deep into his recliner and the world around him faded into a blackness of overdose. Help was now on the way.


(Late Night: The Evening Show with Dave Letteropener)

JACK, Madam PINKING, Mr. LIMESTREET, & Reverend Mother MARY-PAT watched the carnage from the two television shows on Dave Letteropener’s dropped television screens and seconds later, Ms. TEALTOWN, HUNTER, & Mr. HANK appeared on stage out of thin air. The four got an outsiders look at what happens each time someone dies and their arrival into a new Flixnet show. When Ms. TEALTOWN, HUNTER, & Mr. HANK arrived on the set of The Evening Show with Dave Letteropener, the crowd erupted with cheering, applause, and shouting. The stage lights were blinding the three, they had to shield their eyes.  to a  found themselves on the floor in front of an energized, cheering audience.

“Ladies & gentlemen, look who has joined us!” Dave said, causing the three to whip around behind them, catching them off guard. Madam PINKING & Mr. LIMESTREET arose from their seats and greeted Ms. TEALTOWN, all three being from the same show. Mr. HANK ran over to Reverend Mother MARY-PAT and greeted an odd hug, more because he realized his friend and fellow coroner was no longer alive. The talk show host was in his chair, smiling due to the crowd approval, but from JACK’s view, the smile was something else: something dark and abiding. Mr. LIMESTREET helped Ms. TEALTOWN to his seat and Madam PINKING stood by the stage edge where they appeared for a moment, looking at the surviving cast. JACK stayed in his seat watching everyone walk back up to the comfy stage chairs as two stage hands brought out two more seats. Before JACK could being to put everything together, the cameras moved in closer and just as they passed Madam PINKING, a stage-wide screen dropped behind the camera crew, blocking off the stage, the six surviving, and the host from Madam PINKING!

“She’s all yours, everyone! Mak’em count!” Dave happily shouted to the audience, whom now none of them could see because of the grey dropped shade screen. JACK leaped out of his seat shouting, “NO!” as Madam PINKING was turning around to the now silenced audience and several blinding stage lights. Before Madam PINKING could blink, she was covered in countless red laser dots, slowly moving on her clothing. JACK, Mr. LIMESTREET, & Reverend Mother MARY-PAT knew what was happening the moment the first audience-controlled gun shot went off, but Ms. TEALTOWN, HUNTER, & Mr. HANK shot their glances around and ducking at the barrage of gunfire. The screen between the interview stage and Madam PINKING stopped every single bullet that missed Madam PINKING as she was gunned down by over two hundred and forty seven audience members, each one with a hand gun and a single shot.

As the shooting ended and the puddle of blood began to seep under the bullet-collecting screen, Dave looked into the closest camera and said to his audience, “How Awesome Was That?!” and the six surviving could hear the roar of the crowd louder than it had ever been. The host turned back around the looked at the six, each one with expressions of shock, anger, and disgust on their faces. “There we are, now were all evened out: three men and three women, and at least one person per season! Now things are beginning to get exciting!” As the talk show host returned to his interview desk, JACK leaped out of his seat to attack Dave Letteropener, but Mr. HANK & Mr. LIMESTREET grabbed JACK first, holding him back after what just happened. Dave saw this but didn’t interact not acknowledge the situation.

“Please everyone,  take a se-,” Dave started to say but was cut off. “Why are we here?” Ms. TEALTOWN burst out. “What the hell is going on? What show is this? Why are we here!?” Then JACK added to it, “And who the hell are you, really?” Just as Dave started to answer, the bullet-catching screen rose up, bright lights shining on the state, and the audience began applauding as if the show was just returning from a commercial break. Dave Letteropener turned his television face back on to address the crowd and saw where Madam PINKING ‘was’ standing: in her absence, six three-foot-high podiums stood.


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