WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 5: Trapped In The T.V.
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 6
Season 5, Episode 6

Mortey Von Kilmer heard the television and could barely see the number of picture-in-picture screens change from five down to three. This breathing became more difficult, the spinning worsened, and the sound of water was warping his hearing. Mortey knocked over the remote, fumbled for his cell phone, and slowly dialed 9-1-1 before passing out. The emergency operator answered as Mortey collapsed.


(Late Night: The Evening Show with Dave Letteropener)

JACK receded back to his seat beside Madam PINKING, Mr. LIMESTREET, & Reverend Mother MARY-PAT as the audience watching began to put their handguns and pistols back into their holsters or on their laps, just in case. The four were almost completely helpless and knew they were in serious trouble. “You see, television audiences want to see something new and that’s why people tune in, right?” the host asked the crowd, who began applauding in agreement and cheering. Madam PINKING raised a hand, feeling like a school student to a strict teacher. “Madam PINKING, ladies and gentlemen!” David Letteropener said, extending a hand to allow her to speak. Madam PINKING said, “Our shows are on Flixnet, yes, and therefore, this should be Flixnet, right?”

Suddenly the studio band began playing a jaunty cheerful tune and the host began clapping in approval. Once the 10 second musical jingle finished, the talk show host said, “That is 100% true, my dear! This is Flixnet programing, and as I said: television audiences want to see something new. This is what’s new: us! The Evening Show with David Letteropener is the very first show on Flixnet to be LIVE!” The crowd arose to its feet and roared a cheer in excitement, approval, and agreement once again. The host settled them down and also said, “It’s also interactive and I’ve been waiting all night to show you this!” Behind the four, several flat-screens lowered from the ceiling: one showing a courtroom, the other a reality show. David Letteropener said while picking up the phone on his desk, “Want to see what I mean by interactive?” The crowd cheered their answer and the band began a drum roll to intensify the moment. “It’s a green light!” the host said into the phone receiver, pushed the speaker button, and hung up the receiver as everyone watched.


(Court: Judge Richard Cranium)

“Juror’s, have you all come to a verdict on the case at hand?” the judge said calmly, looking at the 123 jurors, including NORMAN, Sir BROWNE, & JAMES, who were sitting in the bottom front row. Mr. HANK was sitting in the back row, directly behind Sir BROWNE. The first juror, two seats down from NORMAN, stood up and said, “Yes, your honor, we have.” The tension in the air grew heavy and all four current “Will You Survive…?” members knew something wasn’t right. Something on this show was different all of a sudden. “May we have your response, please?” Judge Richard Cranium asked, and then looked at the Plaintiff’s lawyer, whose cell phone started ringing. Appalled, the judge went to verbally attack the lawyer for interrupting when the lawyer threw his suitcase at the juror’s bench, then answered his phone, causing the suitcase to explode in a horrific fireball, instantly incinerating NORMAN, Sir BROWNE, & JAMES, along with three other jurors! While ducking, television static flashed for Mr. HANK.


(Reality Show: Big Sister)

SCARLET, HUNTER, & Ms. TEALTOWN were in the camera riddled stage house with previous “Will You Survive…?” winners Tempest, Mortey, Mrs. Greenly, & Gretchen when the telephone in the kitchen rang. Tempest arose from her seat on the sofa beside HUNTER and walked to the kitchen. The look on Mrs. Greenly’s face wasn’t good. “The only time that rings is when the Executives call, and it’s never good news!” Tempest reached the wall phone, answered it, looked at the Big Sister cast, and said, “Green light, Mortey!” Mortey the clown shot up out of the sofa, reach around the back of the couch, yanked up his hidden mallet and sung it over his head as hard as he could! HUNTER, leaping to strike like a pounced puma, hurled at Mortey but was too far away. The mallet came down on SCARLET’s head, smashing and flattening it like a watermelon at impact! Ms. TEALTOWN & HUNTER saw television static.


(Late Night: The Evening Show with Dave Letteropener)

Ms. TEALTOWN, HUNTER, & Mr. HANK found themselves on the floor in front of a cheering audience.


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