True Memoirs of A Liar 2: Sacrifice
Author: C Lawson

Chapter 8
Answers pt.1

I led Alex to the bed easily.  He would’ve followed me anyway, even if I hadn’t asked him to.  I sat him down in the chair and stared him straight in those jaw-dropping grayish blue eyes.

            “I have so many questions,” I began.  Alex nodded knowingly.

            “It’s to be expected.  You just have to be reminded of everything.  You’ll remember soon enough.” His reassuring tone filled me with joy.  He stroked my cheek and I closed my eyes briefly.

            “Why did I tell Kyle that my name was Alana?” I asked, my eyes still closed.  I was still enjoying the pleasant warmth that emanated from his hands.  When Alex didn’t answer, I opened my eyes.  His gaze was almost fully guilty; but they were also dishonest.  It surprised me in a bad way.

            “I don’t know,” he answered.  I shrugged and moved on to the next question.

            “How did I know all of those fighting moves?” I needed to know.  Where had I studied?  It felt like I was some sort of freaky machine.

            “You’re a master of jujitsu, karate, tae-kwan-do, kick boxing, judo, and kung fu.  You trained in gymnastics for years.  And you’re extremely intelligent.  All that while maintaining an absolutely hypnotic personality.  It’s almost too much to fit on a job resume,” Alex informed me, pride fully filling his voice.  He smiled brightly.  Alex lifted his hand to caress my face.  I briefly closed my eyes and simply enjoyed the familiar warmth.

            “Who am I?” I wondered aloud for the millionth time that night. “I’m pretty, smart, and I can fight.  I feel like I was made in a robot wife factory.  Either that or I just happen to be Super Woman.”

            Alex hesitated and I opened my eyes.  He was watching me again. “I love you.  I would do anything to protect you.  And I let you leave for an hour and I couldn’t keep you safe.” Alex ran his fingers through his hair heavily, guiltily.  I instantly felt some hidden part of me kick in that still remembered him.  I stretched out my arms and took Alex into my embrace.  I trailed my fingertips up and down his neck, which somehow felt familiar.  So many things felt familiar, but not many things I felt positive on.

            “Alex you can’t stay glued to my side all of the time.  No matter how much I want you to,” I added with a smile.  Alex leaned his head heavily on my shoulder and breathed in my scent.  I felt heady and dizzy at the same time, having Alex so close to me.  It was almost unnerving. “It wasn’t your fault,” I insisted. “The most important thing is that you stay truthful to me now, and help me get my memory back.”

            Alex squeezed me tighter and I heard him swallow.  Hard.  I pulled away from him and asked him what was wrong.  Before he could answer, Kyle appeared at the doorway.

            “Um, excuse me,” he said, looking tired but handsome. “How are you feeling?” I stood up in welcome.  I went to him and hugged him.

            “I’m feeling better and better.  No need to worry about me,” I told him in a quiet voice. “Look, I just want to tell you that I’m sorry for lying to you.  I suppose my name is Camille Jones.  Not Alana.  I can’t remember why I told you differently, but I am truly sorry,” I apologized.  I couldn’t imagine living a lie.  Was I that much of a horrible monstrosity?

            “It’s forgiven.  I’m sure my brothers will forgive you, too.  My brothers Peter, Isaac, Doug, and Gene.  Do you remember any of them?” I shook my head solemnly. “Oh, well I guess I could’ve expected that anyway.  You’ll have to get reacquainted then.  Please, come over tomorrow.  We’ll have Jasmine cook you and your friend here a wonderful dinner.  She’s great in the kitchen.”

            “Oh?  Is Jasmine your wife?” I wondered, taking Kyle’s hand in mine.  I held it tenderly with care, but I noticed that I held Alex’s with love.  It was awkward being in love with someone you don’t remember.  I couldn’t honestly say that I loved him, but I wanted to.  I could feel Alex watching, no, glaring at Kyle.

            “No, she’s Peter’s girlfriend.  From behind, she looks a lot like you.  That’s why I grabbed your shoulders.  I didn’t mean to scare you.  Come to dinner.  You and Alex.”

            “That name.  Peter.  It sounds so familiar.  But I can’t place it.  It’s extremely frustrating.” Of course I couldn’t place it.  I couldn’t place anything anymore.  I wanted to punch something.  But I just gave Kyle an appropriate smile and looked at Alex.  He read the longing in my eyes, I suppose, because he accepted the offer.  Kyle smiled and gave Alex directions to his loft.  Alex had told me earlier that we lived in a loft as well.  Kyle Rainey said his goodbye’s and goodnight’s and left in an unconsciously confident walk.

            I wasn’t sleepy, but I was exhausted; that would have to do for now.  I trudged back over to the tiny uncomfortable bed.  Alex watched me with gentle eyes.  I climbed into it.  I stared at the too bright light fixtures and fell asleep.


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