WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 20
Epilogue, Present Day 2018

CHAPTER 19: Epilogue, Present Day 2018


A group of teenage kids from Levoria County were heading to the still-abandoned Nevaeh Asylum. They all, one way or another, had heard stories, rumors, and other ghastly tales about the Coopersville , OH historical landmark. Jacob got a binder out of his backpack to show every single newspaper clipping and some hand written notes that were saved by members of the Hand of God church. This was all the proof that Jacob had and a load of speculation details that were only heresy. Jacob was telling the story of the prison/asylum and using the clippings to piece together the mystery.

 “No Way! I Call Bulls--,” a teenage boy named Michael shouted, before being cut off by other kids around him, making the “Ssshh!” sound. They were all deeply interested in the story Jacob was telling about the asylum. Jacob was detailing the escapade of the prison, how it merged into an asylum, and how it became abandoned with absolutely nobody knowing who, what, when, why, or how.

“I’m telling you, Michael: it’s all true!” Jacob explained. “The Bryant County Prison, erect 1889, was a desolate institution that made Alcatraz look like a summer getaway resort. Almost 200 prisoners died, were killed, or were left for dead there, that is until in 1939 when a church stepped in and made the prison into a mental institution,” Jacob said, pointing to the binder’s clipping for proof.

“Alright then, smartass: as of the telling of your story, then how did the bodies of the original prisoners get ‘under’ the original prison if the original prison was never moved?!” Michael shouted back, barely believing any of Jacob’s stories to begin with. Several of the other kids around them thought about this and concluded it was a very good question. The attention was refocused on Jacob for the answer until Sara spoke up instead. Her explanation was heresy, but the kids listened regardless.

“My great-grandfather was a guard there in the 20’s. They didn’t have electric chairs, lethal injection, or anything like that. The Death Row floor was named that because the floor was clay dirt. They beat the prisoners to death or they rotted in the unlit prison cells down there. When you died, they simply buried you there. When you were sentenced to Death Row, you were forced to walk barefoot on the graves of the previous dead under your feet.” This made a few other kids around them cringe. “Years later, due to flooding, they concreted the floor, and no one cleaned up after the left-for-dead.”

Jacob continued, appreciated for Sara’s input. “How did just over 5 years of service get blanked from the world mind? How is it that the police were never notified? How did this freshly built building get instantly demolished, left destroyed, and never repaired? No-one reported any explosions, no-one heard any alarms, worse, look at the pictures: it’s built! Nice, clean, and structured with guards, priests, nuns, and medical people standing outside on opening day! And yet, there’s no records of any staff there, no patients, and now it’s demolished, left to be closed off for all eternity! But, The Very Next Day!? What happened from March 20th, 1940 to October 3rd, 1945!? 5 years…completely wiped clean!”

No one had an answer. The biggest story Levoria County had took place in 1945, some 70 plus years prior, when local law enforcement stopped a cult in an abandoned farm house from conducting ritual human sacrifices, but their neighboring county of Bryant County had the biggest story of all: Bryant County Prison/Neveah Asylum. Jacob, Sara, Michael, and several other kids were on their way to penetrate the doors of the local tale to get some answers. They were all nervous, anxious, or skeptical.

 Before anyone could throw in an explanation, the school bus came to a halt that jolted everyone against the seat in front of them. Everyone on the bus began looking out the windows and saw the asylum up close. The windows were open squares with no glass, the grass around the building was outgrown, the walls were cracked, and you could see the walls inside the asylum through the windows.

The teacher began giving out instructions on safety and being in groups during the very first tour of the historical landmark. Jacob placed his binder in his book bag and exited the bus with his fellow classmates, terrifyingly eager to be the first group to step inside the building in 70 years. The moment the class walked into the front doors, the realized the asylum was as dark as if it was nightfall, the sunlight disappeared, there were no windows, and the front doors of the Nevaeh Asylum had vanished.


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