WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 19
The Asylumís End & A Survivorís Beginning

CHAPTER 19: The Asylum’s End & A Survivor’s Beginning


The 7’1” blood-man was still fighting the cop’s slime in the Mess Hall and he still gathering his power! The soul-filled green ooze was infesting the man-creature and like a mobile tattoo, the monster-man couldn’t get it off, but he had one trick up his sleeve and it was destructive! So destructive, no one left alive inside the asylum would survive. The medical staff still alive was decreasing by the minute, the clergy staff was down to single digits, and the patients running amuck were about to meet their makers. Inside the very center of the asylum, on the center floor, was the Mess Hall and a supernatural 7’1” ticking time bomb. Just before the bloody-skin man was about to unleash his defensive attack against the slime, a realization struck him: a part of him that was well hidden, and never to be found, was leaving! “NO!” the man-beast screamed in anger and certainty. “The Abomination Mustn’t Leave!” At his shout, screaming from the halls erupted and an army of soul-filled green-glowing skeletons bashed into the Mess Hall, throwing themselves at the slime-covered blood-beast man, ravenously attacking!

Outside on the front lawn entrance of the Neaveh Asylum, Patient SHASHA gunned the police car, still in reverse, and began to peel away from the property. Head Nurse GRETCHEN clung onto the bag that held the baby she found as the car whipped around. Both women heard an angry roar from a far distance, almost like thunder! Before Patient SHASHA could shift the car in gear and speed away, from in front of the car, shooting up directly from under the ground, was a humongous bloody-red hand the size of a house! It bent at the wrist, grabbed the front of the car in a clutch, whipped its wrist, and snapped it in half. Head Nurse GRETCHEN rolled out of the separation, for the front of the car was no longer attached: no hood, engine, steering column, or front seats. She grabbed the baby and ran toward the gates, and found another car. As she got in, she could hear the giant-blood hand pound, smash, and flatten the cars halves behind her, knowing Patient SHASHA never got out of the front seat of the police car. The Head Nurse found the keys in the ignition, started the sedan, and sped off, never looking back.

More and more green-glowing possessed dead prisoner-skeletons flooded the asylum floors and infiltrated the Mess Hall, attacking the 7’1” blood-giant who was still being attacked by the green soul-slime that ravaged the thought of its dead sister. The walking skeletons were also attacking anyone alive, beating or stabbing them with their bones. The attack was relentless and unbiased; anyone alive was a target. As the man-giant creature was being attacked, his trance was outside, demolishing the cop car that housed the “Abomination”, he called it. The skeletons were climbing all over the blood-giant, pounding and stabbing their attack. When he tranced back to the Mess Hall, the creature-man recollected his defensive power attack to full capacity, causing the asylum to vibrate dangerously, cracking all the walls! The energy that the bloody-skinned giant was invisible, but it was sucking the oxygen from the air, shaking everything in every room, and finally, the creature-man released his attack! An orb of supernatural power erupted from the 7’1” blood-giant, causing himself, the soul-ooze, and the skeletons to explode outward, turning everything to dust! In every room in the asylum, tables slammed against walls, gurneys toppled over, and every door and window frame shattered to sand bits! An internal supernatural explosion of soul-eliminating power burst from the Mess Hall and reached out to the ends of the asylum property, evaporating every skeleton, essence of slime, and the giant-creature.

But something else happened to the living still inside the asylum: a hell fate began. No windows could be found. No doors were locatable. All known exits no longer existed. Any and all excess to escape the asylum were void and useless. Hunger, famine, madness, and insanity filled the living until the final living person died weeks later. Worse than the entrapment was the clear-as-a-bell agony of ghosts, forever trapped inside the escapeless asylum, doomed to forever roam in a place that drove them mad! However, two did escape the asylum and avoided the supernatural explosion: a nurse and a baby. Inside a nun’s car, miles down the road, as the sun came up, the nurse saw a passage on a piece of paper about a Jew named Mordecai. GRETCHEN looked down at the baby in the bag, safe and asleep, and said, “That is a wonderful name for you: Mordecai. But I’m going to call you MORTEY for short…!” and she smiled.


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