WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 18
The Two In The Mess Hall & The Two On The Cop Car

CHAPTER 18: The Two In The Mess Hall & The Two On The Cop Car


Brutally treated, some tortured, and all shoved in a hole, the thriving angry soul-filled skeleton army ravaged their way up the metal staircase, ascending the prison they all know so well. But their thought process was not of hatred to those who beat them, humiliated them, or killed them; no. Those people were long gone, except for one old nun who was a part of the prison when it was functional; and she was just dealt with: beaten down by the bones that she turned an eye to for so many years. Now, dashing up the metal stairs, their boney feet tinkering as they ran, ventured the darkness, honed in on the one thing they knew they wanted: power. Every single tattered-clothed skeleton of what once was a man charged up to the asylum, lured by the power in the Mess Hall. The souls inside the skeletons, once housed inside religious statues, and some their bone dust was used in the walls of the asylum in the holiest of walls, knew that their betrayals had reached a impasse: The prison and asylum now belonged to the dead and the dead fully intend on keeping it their own, but there was one thing left to do…!

As the prisoner army ascended the darkness of the Death Row wing, Patients LAURALEE & SHASHA knew that somewhere, there was a door that leads to a mausoleum. The skeleton prisoners were easy to see and hide from, for they illuminated a slight green glow. Around pillars and other dark structures, the two patients dodged the army, feeling blindly in the dark for a door. Not even a mausoleum door; any door that would lead them out of this hell! Then, Patient LAURALEE shouted, “I Found It!”, and Patient SHASHA’s heart stopped: everyone heard her! Patient LAURALEE pulled the door open to a horrific creak that caused half the remaining skeleton army to pause and turn around. Patient SHASHA dashed to her friend as Patient LAURALEE ran in. The dusty dank marble room glowed slightly and they could see a ladder that ran upward. As Patient LAURALEE ran in, dozens of arms and rotted body broke free of the marble squares in the wall and refused to let go of her! The dead beings pulled Patient LAURALEE down to the ground and began ripping, tearing, clawing, and ravaging her apart. Patient SHASHA knew there was no hope for her friend, so she leaped over the clawing mob, ran into the ladder against the wall, and began to frantically climb the metal ladder, never looking back!

Head Nurse GRETCHEN crawled out of the sewer, and exhaustedly sat down on the grass covering the edges of the lid. She opened the bag and looked into the eyes of the infant inside. It was asleep and then realized it was a boy, not that it made a difference. The baby looked content and that was good, given the situation. Head Nurse GRETCHEN zipped up the bag and looked around, and saw three vehicles: a cop car in the front door, a van in the graveyard, and another car near the gate.

Managing to hold on was the insane part but as it descended down into the misty night, MR. HANK held on and survived the fall. When MR. HANK hit the ground, he hit the ground running! The van was unusable and he didn’t want to get any attention to the thing that was devouring his best friend, so he ran toward the front of the asylum where he knew there would be an escape from this hell hole of an occupation. That was when something emerged from a grass covered grate in the ground right in front of him! Courage filled MR. HANK and as he charged to the emerging thing, he realized he knew who it was! “SHASHA! What the hell ar--!” and the patient cut him off! “Help Me Out! We Need To Get The Hell Out Of Here Now!” Patient SHASHA yelled. As they ran together, they came to the front of the asylum and saw a woman removing a dark coat and throwing it on the floor. “Nurse GRETCHEN!” MR. HANK yelled out from a distance, “Get To The Cop Car!” In less than a minute, MR. HANK, Patient SHASHA, & Head Nurse GRETCHEN, with the infant, dashed to the police car. Patient SHASHA drove to back out as MR. HANK pushed the car from the wrecked door. The nurse was in the back seat. Patient SHASHA put the car in reverse and gassed it as MR. HANK pushed. The car broke free and Patient SHASHA stopped the car, waiting for MR. HANK. Mr. HANK looked down and saw a deformedly smashed cop that was pinned under the wheel, but he was alive! And glowing a greenish glow…and pointing his pistol! “No-one leaves…!” it said and unloaded the gun into MR. HANK at point blank range.

The 7’1’ blood-man was still fighting the cop’s slime in the Mess Hall still gathering his power!


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