WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 17
The Rising Dead & The Falling Living

CHAPTER 17: The Rising Dead & The Falling Living


Hours ago, the head count inside Coopersville, OH’s Nevaeh Asylum was 75 patients; 41 men, 34 women. For the staff, there were 27 medical staff and 30 clergy staff, minus one surgeon and one nun. Then the alarms went off and the patients were set free; followed by an O.R. incident that involved a resurrection of a cult being and a possessed cop on a murderous rampage followed by the death of “his” long lost sister. Then, the asylum jarred, unleashing a horror that the 21 remaining inmates, 5 medical staff, and 7 clergy staff never knew was possible: a vengeful attack from beyond the grave. The souls of the deceased, concentrated in the form of an ecto-plasmic muck slime, descended to the depths of the asylum into the burial grounds of the original prison, infiltrated the caskets of the deceased prisoners, and gave them life and strength to crawl out of their graves, claw the soil above them, and crack through the asylum concrete foundation floor to reclaim the prison/asylum for themselves!

Only 2 patients and 1 clergy woman was in the Death Row pit of the original prison when the invasion of the dead began. They felt the jar of the building but heard and felt the crack of the floor beneath them, breaking in small cracks all around them. The bones at their feet shaking and bouncing as living boned beings broke through the foot-thick concrete floor. Between the cracking of the stone, the taping of the bones of the dead, the rattling of the loose bones in the abandoned prison cells, and the roar of the souls of the dead in the air of the entire complex, the nightmare had truly begun! It was so dark to begin with, seeing was near impossible, but when the skeletons emerged from underground, slightly glowing a green illumination, the 3 wished for the complete darkness to return. Reverend Mother MARY-PAT screamed, “Run To The Mausoleum Door To--!” as if both Patients LAURALEE & SHASHA knew where it was. The Rev Mother couldn’t finish her shout due to two undead skeleton prisoners began beating her with large chunks of the broken concrete. Both women patients realized the dimly glowing skeleton things were all heading toward the metal staircase, so they ran the opposite direction, just hoping that what the Reverend Mother was talking about was directly ahead to escape.

What seemed like a forever crawl through filth and liquid disgust inside a claustrophobic’s nightmare took a turn for the better as the smell began to pick up a breeze that seemed to vent out of the worst. A breeze meant air, which meant a vent, which meant a way out! And not just a way out, but an escape from everything behind her. After a few more feet, Head Nurse GRETCHEN found a sewer cover above her and began to roll onto her side, removing her arms from the straps of the bag, carrying the still quiet infant. Careful not to saturate the travel crib, she removed the make-like satchel to turn onto her back and use her feet to push the sewer lid. After the second attempt, and a scream of frustration which caused some of the sewage she was in to splash her face & mouth, the lid slid loose. It took her a minute to collect herself, but the brown & red sludge covered woman escaped the septic.

Coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE reached the fire escape scaffolding structure after carefully wall-climbing outer window to outer window. But when the asylum building shook its last jar, the southeast corner of the building dropped several feet into the soil below, causing a shift that rattled the fire escape. The top floor connection bolts snapped out of the wall and a creak in the metal’s bend caused more the scaffolding to break away from the side of the asylum! MR. HANK was able to hold onto the metal railings but MR. GORE was thrown off his footing, literally whipped off the steps. MR. GORE landed in the graveyard, somehow missing the headstones, but MR. HANK watched the two men from the van hobble over to MR. GORE and completely engulf him, like zombies on a fresh victim. The fire escape scaffolding bent more, creaking a hard shriek, and dangling like a loose tooth on the vein.

  Inside the Mess Hall of the asylum, the emotionally cracked slime that was once a patient who was housed with his sister was covering the blood-skinned giant after exploding from another living patient. The man-creature roared in anger, trying to rip away and peal the attacking slime off of him. “This Is A Forever Home…” the 7’ man-giant exclaimed “…But You’re Coming With Me!” The blood-man raised his hands up, and he began to draw energy around him, causing an invisibly powerful vortex!


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