WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 16
Secrets Unlocked & Hell Unleashed

CHAPTER 16: Secrets Unlocked & Hell Unleashed


On her belly, crawling through a dark pipe under the concrete of the asylum basement floor, Head Nurse GRETCHEN ventured deeper into darkness. The unthinkable muck of human bile, sewage, and who knows what else that drains from this pipeline, was seeping into her clothing as she crawled. The zipped-up carry-on bag, strapped to her shoulders like a backpack, still housed a remarkably alive infant that she discovered not five minutes prior. No sounds came from the infant, nestled inside in clean blankets inside the bag. There was just enough room inside the drainage sewer pipe for her to crawl on her stomach, inching using glides of her arms and legs, without the bag touching the top.

Reverend Mother MARY-PAT’s heel shoes tapped against the dust covered stone floor of the original prison cell foundation. The air was moldy and it was heavy, almost hard to breath. They had been the dark for so long now, they’re eyes were beginning to adjust to the slightest shades of blackness. Seeing shadows inside shadows was near impossible, but they could see outlines of pillars and the deepest ebony of the decrepit cells along the walls. Patients LAURALEE & SHASHA knew they were in a bad place but they trusted MARY-PAT, forsaking all others, given the circumstances. Then Patient SHASHA’s foot kicked something in the darkness and it rolled, sounding hollow. “Be glad there is no light. When the asylum was built around the prison, everyone was told the prison was tore down and the prisoners were transferred to the State Penitentiary; they weren’t.  The surviving inmates were forced down here,” the Rev Mother paused, “and locked up. Permanently; isolated and abandoned.” The three women took a few more steps, each step kicking bones of dead prison inmates long forgotten.

Coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE watched from the outside wall of the asylum as the van ravaged the rough terrain, showing no signs of slowing down. But more disturbing was the hideous mutant creature under them, thankfully looking away toward the van. The white van aimed directly toward the gravestones, bobbed twice again in the grass, and hit the deformed patient-nun slime monster head on. The explosion of blood, ooze, limbs, bone, and bile covered the entire front of the van as if the van had just emerged from a swamp floor. The front end of the van struck one of the larger headstones and came to a stop, obviously stuck on something underneath, as the tires spun mud. MR. HANK signaled to MR. GORE to get to the fire escape as two men exited the van, incoherently shouting saturated voices and staggering as if they were completely intoxicated. Both coroners didn’t see that both men from the processing plant were covered in soul ooze, splattered blood, and statue dust.

“You…b’illed…b’y…sib’er…!” the cop said as his face was melting off his jaw. Every word the cop spoke was smothered in slime, skin, and human bile. The 7’1” man with the dripping blood skin stared at him from across the room. Patient CYRUS couldn’t move, literally frozen in fear at what he was seeing: a melting man and a horrific demon giant; and Patient CYRUS was physically stuck in the middle of them. “I vowed to right the unholy wrongs, sorrowful one,” it spoke in a deep bellow voice. “Take him inst--,” and the cop roared in anger! He roared so loud, the soul ooze, and what was left of him, flopped off his body and splattered on his feet. The concrete floor soaked up the slime, leaving the cops blood, organs, and other liquids behind. Patient CYRUS watched in disbelief as the Mess Hall erupted with a thousand arms and hands springing from the concrete floors, walls, and ceiling, but didn’t see an upward shower of slime explode from underneath him, covering Patient CYRUS from ankle to head! The blood creature man watched the ooze completely cover the inmate and drain itself down the little man’s throat. Patient CYRUS’s body began to expand and inflate as the slime filled his mouth, pouring into his body. The thousand hands and arms were raveningly grabbing at everything and anything, finally grabbing the man giant from all angles! Patient CYRUS was already dead when his body exploded in a violent burst of swamp muck, human organs, muscle, and bone, spraying all over the arms, hands, and the man-beast!

Everyone still alive inside the asylum felt the asylum shake its final jar! From underneath the depths of the prison, possessed bone skeletons of dead prisoners broke through the concrete, all the walls began to bleed blood & slime, and a thousand screams of tortured souls cried their final war-cry!


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