WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 15
Salvation In The Darkness & Nightmares In The Light

CHAPTER 15: Salvation In The Darkness & Nightmares In The Light


Head Nurse GRETCHEN couldn’t believe her eyes: a baby! There was a live infant inside the left over skin of the former tape-covered patient that only 10 minutes ago housed a man-creature not of this realm of earth. The vision of the blood-skinned giant emerging from the dead patient’s body, as if there was a deep well staircase inside of it, replayed in her mind, but somehow having an actual baby inside, too; it was almost too much! Was the patient pregnant? Was it a part of the monster-man? Was the baby even human? A thousand questions flooded Head Nurse GRETCHEN’s brain in a second as she distinctly reached out for the infant. It looked already born, two weeks old even, and it was content. The baby was quiet, snuggled, and peaceful, as if it was nestled in a crib. She picked it up out of the bloody left-over skin sack and wiped off its smeared face to find it had regular skin, unlike the beast-giant. DR. CRAZY pried off the sewer grate drain cover and saw what the nurse found. “What The Hell Are You Doing!? Leave It! We--,” and then Head Nurse GRETCHEN cut him off. “It’s Going With Us!” Without time to argue, DR. CRAZY cleared their escape route as GRETCHEN made a stow-away buddle out of two blankets inside a medical bag, placing the baby safely inside to be carried.  As GRETCHEN and her stow-away entered the drain grate opening, a roar came from the doorway outside the O.R.! “Go! Now!” DR. CRAZY yelled, and just as he entered the grate opening, the floor of the O.R. began to shift and move.

What felt like a forever descent in complete darkness, at first only hearing the death rattle scream gurgle of their priest friend, but now hearing their feet tapping metal steps, they touched a hard concrete floor. Patient’s LAURALEE & SHASHA and Reverend Mother MARY-PAT literally ran into one another at the bottom of the metal spiral staircase. Patient SHASHA whispered, “Where Is This? Where did he lead us?” The shudder of breath from Rev Mother MARY-PAT didn’t settle the two patients’ nerves any, and neither did her answer. “Somewhere I’ve vowed never to return to: you’re in the main cell block of the original prison, deep under the asylum. You are in what was known as Death Row, and I know why the father led us down here,” said Rev Mother MARY-PAT. They grabbed hands and walked.

Coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE were scaling the outside walls of the asylum successfully, spanning window frame to window frame, looking for the fire escape ladder structure that lead to the roof, when a set of headlights blew across their bodies, glaring shadows on the asylum walls. Mr. HANK and MR. GORE turned their heads to see a white van come flying onto the asylum property entrance at well over the necessary speed. The van hit two divot spots in the stone drive, causing the front and the back of the van to teeter totter back and forth. MR. HANK thought the tires would have burst on the second divot but it didn’t stop the van. MR. GORE looked down under his feet and saw in a flash of the headlights a horrific sight of a mutated creature of bone, skin, and organs with several arms and legs, not where they should be, and two deformed heads looking up at them. It then looked in the direction of the approaching van, not moving from its observation position, like a deer looking at a car.

In the Mess Hall, as Patient CYRUS came back to reality, something else came back, instantly reappearing before his eyes: the largest man he’d ever seen in his life with dripping blood for skin and the yellowest eyes, blazing with anger. “Call to him…,” it spoke and Patient CYRUS had no idea who the man-beast thing was talking about. Then a gunshot rang out from behind Patient CYRUS, making him huddle and turn around. There, in the double doors, stood a physically slime-covered melting man with a saturated uniform of a cop, barely holding two guns with boney hands. Patient CYRUS froze, literally stuck in between a rock and a hard place, or a unearthly blood-covered giant and a melting psycho cop!

“Go, Now! They’re coming again!” DR. CRAZY yelled to Head Nurse GRETCHEN as she crawled through the sewer drain, the bag on her back like a backpack with the two handles wrapped in her shoulders. She heard the sewer cover grate close, and she heard screams, but everything echoed in the black tunnel that reeked of blood, bile, and other gut-wrenching smells. What she didn’t see was DR. CRAZY being pinched in between the floor and the grate cover, like a human Play-Doh fun factory.

Deep under the prison foundation, the soul slime injected itself into the bones of dead inmates.


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