WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 14
The Second Floor Horror & The O.R. Floor Shock

CHAPTER 14: The Second Floor Horror & The O.R. Floor Shock


Empting from the highest floor, draining itself down to the basement, and even further below that, the haunting soul-filled slime found its way to not only into the microscopic structure of the asylum but to its desperate destination: six feet below the original foundation! The blood-mixed green gunk slithered and sloshed its way through wood floors, metal grates, cement cracks, then deep into saturated soil to find cracked and rotted caskets long since lost by the living. The majority of the ooze descended into the coffin-boxes of the deceased prisoners who brutally met their demises by cruel guards, poor care, illness, and the savagery of other inmates. Restless, vile, angry, and now powerfully free, the vengeful slime crept into the rotted death boxes and engulfed itself around their hosts.

But there was an essence of the oozy-possessed muck that didn’t share with the collective in this planned act of justice: the slime that had engulfed the being of a cop, who was simply in the right place at the wrong time! A single soul in the slime, that had possessed a police officer, that has continued to grow powerfully due to the life force of the cop, was still focused on the revenge of the loss of a its sister; crazy on the manhunt for her killer. Pockets full of ammunition and three weapons to use, the physically mutating cop continued his rampage through every hallway and doorway, shooting everything that moved, screaming for the giant blood-man to appear! A trail of dead inmate patients, clergy staff, and medical staff marked the way of his path, like Hansel & Gretel’s fairytale breadcrumbs.

The cement arms and hands that had shot out of the O.R. and basement floors, walls, and asylum foundations have begun to travel up toward the second floor. Screaming patients and asylum staff could be heard agonized in pain and terror as the hands gripped and tore everything they could reach including chairs, gurneys, papers, and running people. As FATHER SHERRI, Patient’s LAURALEE & SHASHA and Reverend Mother MARY-PAT continued their darkened speedy descent into an abyss, the same arms and hands ripped out of the final layer of the concrete walls, grabbing at FATHER SHERRI. FATHER SHERRI tried to scream for them to keep going but one rock hand grabbed and crushed his face while the others were gripping and pulling at his arms, snapping his bones like toothpicks.

As coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE were scaling the outside walls of the asylum, knowingly being scouted by an inhuman inmate-nun-slime hybrid creature, Patient HEATHER was on the second floor, making a mad dash run in the same direction as Patient HERBIE away from the Mess Hall. Like everywhere else on the second floor, monstrous cement hands and arms erupted from the floors and walls, frantically clawing at everything they could grab. Patient HEATHER dashed around a corner to see several arms grab Patient HERBIE’s lower jaw and upper jaw, ripping his head backward in two, like a walnut shell. As other lunging arms and hands were twisting and crushing his limbs, Patient HEATHER screamed as one shot out up from underneath her, grabbing and twisting her thigh. The leg immediately dislocated from the socket and she painfully fell to the floor, where five more arms grabbed her, crushing her to death in a horrific stone bear hug, smashing her organs together like jelly Play-Doh.

Inside the Mess Hall, the same insane births of viscous stone limbs were tearing everything apart. Patient’s NOLAN was also grabbed by several hands that ripped an arm from his body and then wreathed his body like a pretzel. Patient CYRUS, who was backhanded unintentionally by Patient NOLAN as he was attacked, was instantly brought back to his senses, having no idea what was happening.

Stuck on a staircase, Head Nurse GRETCHEN and DR. CRAZY almost met their doom when the unthinkable happened: the arms receded back into the walls and stone steps! In confusion and shock, both of them stood silent. Then, a revelation: it was dead quiet! No loud moaning, no inmate mob behind them, no building shaking; the asylum went dormant!  An idea hit DR. CRAZY, “The drain hatch; it’s the only way..!” DR. CRAZY grabbed the nurse and they both ran back to the O.R., praying it was as vacant as all the sound was! They ran into a destroyed, but empty, operating room. As DR. CRAZY found something to pry the floor drain cover, Head Nurse GRETCHEN saw something move inside the left over skin of the tapped patient. With trembling hands, she alarmingly found a quiet, and very content, infant!


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