WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 13
Vengeance & Justice

CHAPTER 13: Vengeance & Justice


The manipulative slime ooze had completely drained from the Asylum Chapel, the highest room in the entire facility, and still descended to the lower levels of the complex. Draining through floor planks, concrete cracks, and the air vent system, it fell floor by floor until it reached the medical wing: the basement. Radical tyrannical patients were still running, screaming, and attacking everyone they came into contact with, physically taking control of the asylum as it traveled. The patients that had come into the contact with the falling ooze instantly stopped all motion and stood listening to the happiness in the air and walls; the asylum was growing happier. Only those who touched it could hear its calling.

The slime that had already reached the basement’s O.R. had been swallowed by the concrete floor, descending deep into the foundation below and somehow, as the building sponged up the swamp muck, the bloody green slime began to soak up the building itself; injecting its power deep into the facility, like blood to a body. The slime urged in power and strength, filling itself with a happiness and justice like a person being pardoned from prison who was incarcerated innocently. Only this slime wasn’t innocent and wasn’t pardoned. No, the essence of the slime was not ‘giddy’ happy either; it was diabolical. It was vengeful. It was every single soul of every person whoever died inside the structure!

“We Need To Go! Now!,” FATHER SHERRI screamed as the asylum morph and change. Patient’s LAURALEE & SHASHA and Reverend Mother MARY-PAT began to scream, thinking an earthquake was happening but FATHER SHERRI knew better. The four dashed down the door in the floor and descended the metal spiral stair case in pitch black darkness. “Do Not Stop Running Until You Feel A Cement Floor!”

The Coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE looked out the window and couldn’t see anything in the foggy mist. Not the headstones of the graveyard, where SISTER PENGUIN landed; nothing. It seemed the fog mist had risen to the first floor windows. The door to their protective office room was rammed again and the door began to split. MR. HAND & MR. GORE knew jumping was suicide and staying in the office was too! They pushed the desk against the door, ran back to the windows, climbed out, and began to climb along-side the edges of the windows, room to room, until the found the fire escape to the roof.

Patient HEATHER looked around from the floor of the Mess Hall, wondering how she had gotten there, what was going on, and who the dark green slime covered cop was! The gunshots in the Mess Hall were deafening, muffling Patient HEATHER’s ears. Her vision was a blur and her head hurt. Instincts kicked in and she remained motionless; the shooting cop overlooked her, probably thinking she was dead. The patient beside her, all eyes wide open, was definitely dead, staring at her. The cop was screaming, “Where Is He!?!?” as the shooting continued as he traveled to the back double doors. Patient HEATHER couldn’t make out the rest but she could make out seeing Patient HERBIE’s back as he ran down the hallway out the front double doors. Once the cop left, Patient HEATHER got up and followed.

Patient’s NOLAN & CYRUS, buried under a jam-pile of dead and injured fellow inmates, just behind Patient HEATHER, listened to the voices in the air. It was happening! Justice was really happening, and they grew excited! They weren’t growing excited on their own, but the slime on their clothes that had warped their minds to get excited. More slime was dripping from the Mess Hall ceiling. They didn’t go running after the cop and they didn’t even bother to acknowledge Patient HEATHER leaving. They stood motionless, embracing the emotions, until a roar of concrete hands and arms erupted from the Mess Hall floor, grabbing everything and anything, ripping all they grabbed apart!

As Head Nurse GRETCHEN and DR. CRAZY dodged the insanity of arms and hands coming out of the asylum floors and walls, Nun SISTER PENGUIN laid on the cold wet grass of the asylum; her whole left side in pain. She moved her right arm and felt a something solid; realizing she missed a headstone by inches! SISTER PENGUIN also realized her left side was stuck to the ground, as if it was glued! When she felt the ‘glue’ move underneath her, a horrifically disfigured form of a man engulfed her like an ocean wave to a beach! SISTER PENGUIN was completely wrapped in a death blanket of melting flesh, exposed organs, protruding bones, and acidic slime as the recently discarded patient molded itself into her body.


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