WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 12
Bryant County Gazette clippings (Bonus Chapter)

CHAPTER 12: Bryant County Gazette clippings (Bonus Chapter)


PRISON TO BE DEMOLISHED by William Cass, reporter

Aug. 17, 1939 – City officials of Coopersville, OH have come to an agreement of the Bryant County Prison, its current status, and its future. The near abandoned facility, that once housed up to 300 prisoners, medical, and law enforcement staff, will be torn down and will make way for an upcoming medical establishment, not yet decided. With the world economics due to the predicted Second World War, Bryant County officials, along with the city limits and declarations of Coopersville officials, say a medical treatment center for citizens with physical and emotional distress is only possible now. Washington says future economics could be in jeopardy should the war escalate to the US.

Bryant County and Coopersville officials have already begun the deconstruction of the entire prison complex as of July 1939 and believe the entire tear down and rebuild of the new facility will be finished by December of this year. Local church groups have come forward, specifically Reverend Father Chris Sprenger of the Hand of God church, located at 819 Campton Ave, and has pledged an undisclosed amount of money to help finance to project, in hopes their services would support the medical cause. “Spiritual medicine and medical medicine are essential to one another,” – Sprenger.

Citizens of Bryant County and surrounding counties, who have lost friends and family incarcerated in the prison, which are buried at the cemetery on the grounds, are demanding answers on the burial sites. County and city officials announce, along with Father Chris Sprenger, that the plots will be respectfully moved. Should said families wish to rebury their loved ones elsewhere, a future date is to be announced for retransformation of deceased family members buried at the prison.



Mar. 20, 1940 – City officials and the Hand of God church have officially announced the opening of Nevaeh Asylum, located on the northeast limits of Coopersville, OH. Built directly on the grounds of the Bryant County Prison, the Neveah Asylum will offer their services to those in need of medical attention, mental treatment, or spiritual struggles. Father Chris Sprenger will see head of the management of the facility with chosen staff on site, law enforcement assistance, and a full medical staff of on-site help and volunteered assistance.

Patrons of Bryant County have expressed concerns about its construction and the speed of their opening. Some direct quote’s from citizens reported, “The prison was never tore down!”, “The asylum was built around the prison and added on to it!” “The decrepit prison building is the core of the asylum complex!” “There was no ‘future date’ given for anyone to collect and rebury their loved ones!” When approached with these statements, construction crews refused to answer any questions.

The church did respond to the graveyard allegations in stating, “No one contacted anyone about their beloved buried, and moving holy ground is a sacrilegious act. Therefore, the buried and their stones were moved to the outermost side of the complex, still on the holy land in which the deceased was originally buried. Family can still visit the resting place of their loved ones, without having to ask any Neveah staff at any time.”


POLICE RAID A CULT FOLLOWING by Korey Allyson, reporter

Oct. 2, 1945 – Levoria County officials, with tips and help from Bryant County law enforcement, announced that they stopped a cult gathering in an abandoned farm house late last night just outside of Tabitha, OH. Police officials reported they caught and have obtained 17 individuals about to execute an actual practice that the cult believes, including a sacrifice of a human being. Cult Leader Greg Shawna told police unofficially they weren’t ‘sacrificing’ anyone, but, “Stopping the Apocalypse.’ Upon arrest, Cult Leader Greg Shawna was shot and killed on site as he tried to take down police with a firearm, taken from an apprehending police officer. Police report they’re still looking for a missing cult member.  


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