WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 11
Going Down & Going Up

CHAPTER 11: Going Down & Going Up


When the blood-skinned man-beast left the Asylum Chapel, after smearing some of the slime on his body, the remaining swamp of slime/blood ooze began to descend into the floorboards, air vents grates, and cracks in the asylum walls. As if the Asylum Chapel popped a drain plug, the slime dripped and slid down the ceiling and walls, disappearing into the lower floors. Only statue dust remained.

Patient’s LAURALEE & SHASHA were heading over to the projector when Reverend Mother MARY-PAT burst out with, “For The Love Of God, Do Not Turn On That Machine!” The two female patients stopped instantly.  MARY-PAT then lowered her voice, “We shouldn’t even have the light on in here; we need to keep all sound down,” as FATHER SHERRI finished his whispered prayer. FATHER SHERRI then darted for the mini-bar, opened the counter entrance, bent down behind the one-man bar, and stood up with a rectangular glass bottle of orange liquid and a clear glass. As the priest took a drink, Patient’s LAURALEE & SHASHA took a heavier look around at their ‘safe room’: it was heavily bolt locked, no windows, and it was dust free. FATHER SHERRI, finishing a second drink and breathing out heavy sighs, said, “It’s the Fathers’ hideaway, and our only way out!” Pouring a third drink of “Courage”, the priest told the three women to move the sofa and the rug. Underneath was a door hatch; a way out. It was at that moment when the four felt the asylum itself shift again, feeling the floors and walls move!

The Coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE paced the room, talking amongst themselves in a quiet panic about what to do next and where to go. Bouncing ideas off one another, MR. HANK & MR. GORE, who knew the asylum inside and out, couldn’t mesh up two ideas to writher into one plan of escape. Every time Nun SISTER PENGUIN tried to get a word in edgewise they dismissed her, as if she wasn’t even there. While the two men barked ideas, Nun SISTER PENGUIN bent down, grabbed two cushions from the loveseat, and laid them on the rug. The nun folded up the cushions in the rug, picked up the cushion burrito, and walked to the open window. The two coroner’s, who just realized what the nun was about to do, screamed, “No! We’re Too High!” That was when a bash at the office door made all three jump in fright as a mob of frantic asylum patients rammed the door. “No, you two keep arguing! I’m leaving!” SISTER PENGUIN shouted and leaped out the window! The office door banged again and coroners MR. HANK & MR. GORE knew the door wasn’t going to hold for much longer.

Patient’s NOLAN, CYRUS, & HEATHER stood in the middle of the Mess Hall, surrounded by several other patients. Patient HERBIE, not being able to make sense of anything happening, was waiting for the right time to leave, and it came when the asylum shook for the third time. Everyone standing in the Mess Hall fell over and that was when Patient HERBIE saw this police officer, covered by some green disfiguring ooze-slime, burst into the Mess Hall double doors, screaming and shooting like a mad man. The shotgun he was carrying began to blast, echoing shots and deafening everyone who wasn’t being shot. Bullets flew, the muzzle flared, blood splattered, and bodies began to fall. Patient HERBIE, in the corner & behind the shooter, dashed out the double doors, running as if his pants were on fire! A patient beside Patient HEATHER was shot in the chest. When his body fell, his head fell against hers, causing their skulls to collide. That was when Patient HEATHER was shaken out of her mental warp.  

As the 7’1” man-creature exited the elevator and headed toward the O.R., Med DR. STERILIZER, Head Nurse GRETCHEN, and FATHER ZEEK were dashing up the stairs, with Psych DR. CRAZY behind them, feeling the rage of the army of warped mental patients behind him closing in. The shaking of the asylum worsened when the bloody beast-man entered the O.R., knelt down, and smeared the borrowed slime on his body on the floor. The concrete immediately sucked it up and the asylum hollowed out a bellowing roar that made everyone, except the man-beast and possessed cop, cower to the floor! In the ascending staircase, multiple dozens of concrete hands and arms protruded from the walls, clawing and grabbing at everything they could grab. Head Nurse GRETCHEN & Psych DR. CRAZY ducked and ran, dodging the violent arms and hands as they ran past Med DR. STERILIZER & FATHER ZEEK, who were horrifically yanked and pulled apart like carnival taffy! From all the ceilings, green ooze began to fall.


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