WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 10
Safe Rooms & Unsafe Rooms

CHAPTER 10: Safe Rooms & Unsafe Rooms


The beastly man-giant squashed and squeezed the bodies of the former nuns, wringing them out like saturated washcloths, and threw their balled-up carcasses down to the floor. The green muck oozed its way over to their bodies and quickly seemed to devour their remains, minus the bones. The blood-covered creature listened to the voices in the asylum, bowed his head, and said, “Thy wilt be done,” and rose his head up. The blood from the statue’s explosions and the blood from the nuns began to mix heavily in the swamp slime that has molded over the entire Asylum Chapel, like two streams of rivers flowing into one other without interfering with one another’s flow. The man-creature knelt down, picked up a heaping handful of the voiceless talking slime and began to cover his blood-skinned body with it, feeling its anger, wrath, and deep betrayal the instant it touched him. He now fully understood and knew what had to be done: justice. Inside the asylum, where no one would look, is the key answer.

Patient’s LAURALEE & SHASHA, Reverend Mother MARY-PAY, and FATHER SHERRI stood in the darkness of the room FATHER SHERRI unlocked, waiting for the roar of the mob to deafen. It did, not by much, but at least the armies of deranged psychopaths were temperately gone. By the sounds outside the door, the mob was growing, and spreading! “Where are we?” one of the patients asked in a whisper. The patient realized that FATHER SHERRI was whispering a prayer instead of answering. Rev Mother MARY-PAT reached for a light switch and flipped it. The three women were surrounded by a shock they never thought they’d see inside any room in the asylum: a full mini-bar, nudie girl pictures and a calendar on the walls, a poker table with cash & chips already in play, and a projector screen down with a projector against the far wall. No cross, no bibles, no religion anywhere: only sin. It took a minute for the three women to realize that FATHER SHERRI, an honored and holy priest, had the key to this room.

MR. HANK & MR. GORE were working on getting the door to the office open, against without making its infamous squeak, when they realized, out of thin air, that they were a nun short of their group. Nun SISTER PENGUIN dashed around in circular confusion, wondering where her friend went. The coroners successfully opened the door. All three did a quick look for the nun, whispered for her, and saw something on the floor a few feet away: two large bloody feet prints. Fearfully, not knowing what they were from, they quickly dashed into the office, and unintelligently, they slammed the door shut. The squeak was so loud and the bang of the door echoed behind it, they knew that sound would travel. And with that travel would bring visitors; visitors that seemed to not have a mind or a thought of their own.

Patient HERBIE was in the Mess Hall, hiding in a corner behind a fallen table. To others, he appeared to be crying to himself, but truthfully, he was thinking and asking questions to himself; questions that weren’t getting answers. He starred at Patient’s NOLAN, CYRUS, & HEATHER who were hunched over together with a smaller group of five, not including them. They weren’t speaking; at least not English. It wasn’t quite a caveman grunt either, but whatever they were doing, they were communicating! Worse thing was it was not just with each other, but with something that seemed to be in the air. Something Patient HERBIE couldn’t hear. Why couldn’t he hear it? What was happening?!

Med DR. STERILIZER, Psych’s DR. CRAZY & DR. HOPE, Head Nurse GRETCHEN and FATHER ZEEK felt the ground under the asylum warp and wave as if the concrete could move like water. The walls of the halls began to crack and rumble. All five would never admit it to any other human being but the basement of the asylum scared the hell out of each one of them. Whoever’s idea it was to put the O.R. down there, even with all the light, was an idiot! The basement was also an engineered intention of mazes, in case a patient ever got loose. Someone yelled, “Split up!” as the roar of the mob behind them grew closer. At the elevator split, Med DR. STERILIZER, the nurse and the priest took the stairs. Psych DR. CRAZY hit the elevator up button as DR. HOPE turned around, watching for the mob behind them. When the elevator doors opened, DR. CRAZY watched a monstrously bloody arm reach out, grab DR. HOPE, and slam the doors closed. The man-beast mercilessly shove DR. HOPE back through the split in the elevator doors, without the elevator doors even opening back up. DR. CRAZY fled in horror up the stairs!


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