WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 9
Tortured Voices & A Sorrowful Vow

CHAPTER 9: Tortured Voices & A Sorrowful Vow


Patient’s LAURALEE & SHASHA screaming in angrily sorrow and frustrating fear as Reverend Mother MARY-PAT grabbed both girls to run in another direction, away from the rampaging police officer. He was far away enough to not get a good view in the darkness of the hall but Rev Mother MARY-PAT wasn’t taking any chances of anyone else dying. As the three were on their feet, heading back the way they came, heading back in the direction of the Mess Hall mob, the three women heard the cop let out an inhuman angry warcry that seemed to shake the very air they were trying to breath!

FATHER SHERRI was half way down the opposing hall and realized the roar of the mob was growing closer. He dashed in front of an unmarked door, reached into his robe and fumbled with a set of asylum keys, desperately trying to find the right one to the safe room. As he found it, Patient’s LAURALEE & SHASHA, along with Reverend Mother MARY-PAT, ran around the corner a few doors from him and they screamed for his help. FATHER SHERRI rushed to get the door unlocked, succeeded, and hesitated a second on letting them in. A another uproar from the other hall near the Mess Hall traveled their way, and quickly sighed, and rushed for the three women to get in the safe room. The three women dashed in, FATHER SHERRI entered and closed the door behind him, and the four stood motionless in the darkened safe room, hearing the mob of deranged mental patients run past the door.

In the opposite direction of the asylum, coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE were running with Nun’s SISTER MARY & SISTER PENGUIN. From the Mess Hall to the south end of the asylum, there were no patient rooms; only offices. Luckily for them, they had the keys to the complex. The Nun’s screamed, “Where do we go?!” but MR. HANK already had that plan in motion; he was just hoping MR. GORE was thinking the same thing, because they only had seconds to open the infamous door to their hiding place.

Patient HERBIE was in the Mess Hall when the surrounding patients were playing a fatal game tug-of-war with one of asylum nuns. Patient HERBIE was an old man, a war vet, and for some reason, he was the only one in the room with the ability to physically stop and think. The escape plan went from potentially bad to completely anarchy in literally seconds. Where did it go wrong? What happened? What caused the patients to get free? Patient HERBIE looked around and saw Patient’s NOLAN, CYRUS, & HEATHER and he realized that none of the three seemed to ‘recognize’ on another; not even CYRUS & HEATHER, who were inseparable! Something was wrong; something was seriously horrifically wrong.

Med’s DR. STERILIZER & DR. JOHN and Psych’s DR. CRAZY & DR. HOPE were still holding the gurney as a barricade when DR. JOHN yelled at the other three, “Get The Fu—,“ and that was the last set of understandable words the doctor said before the gurney tipped on its side. Head Nurse GRETCHEN and FATHER ZEEK held the door open as long as they could but when the gurney tipped, the mob overran the men. Psych’s DR. CRAZY & DR. HOPE with Med DR. STERILIZER fled the O.R. unable to help DR. JOHN. The screams from the patients fatally killing DR. JOHN with various operating room tools was unfathomable. As DR. JOHN was being shredded, the last thing he saw was Nurse CATHERINE’s body under the feet of the charging mob, being trampled on and one final boot crushing her jaw, snapping her neck. As his vision faded and he grew cold, DR. JOHN watched the O.R. begin to warp and change.

Since being risen from the body of ‘The Sacrifice’, the bloody-skinned giant reappeared inside the one room with the loudest noises and the strongest voices: the Asylum Chapel. He was surrounded by a world of disgusting unclean beings and a nightmarish amount of anguish & pain. He felt it, then heard it clearly, when he ripped that vile creature in two. So he went to the source, and listened. He learned he made the pain worse; so much worse! The Asylum was now saturated with blood, slime, and tortured voices. He listened, and made a vow. He lowered his head, disappeared, and then reappeared, holding Nun’s SISTER WALABALA & SISTER MARY, one in each hand. “I did not know; take them, with my apologies.” The screaming nun’s fearfully wriggled in his strength, powerless. They watched the blood & the green muck coat the chapel floor & walls, and the 7’1” man-creature began to slowly crunch the bodies of both women, like a typical person would crumble a single sheet of paper into a ball of garbage.


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