WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 8
Asylum Reacts & Patientís Reactions

CHAPTER 8: Asylum Reacts & Patient’s Reactions


Patient’s HARD ROXY, LAURALEE, SHASHA, & a fearfully confused Reverend Mother MARY-PAT ran in the direction that lead to the foyer lobby of the asylum, but when they turned the second to the last corner, there stood a horrific giant, that appeared to have saturated blood for skin, holding two halves of a person, one in each hand. The ripped-in-two person was completely unrecognizable. The four women stood frozen in a protective stance as the man-creature starred at them, then turned his head. Behind the beast-man stood a cop, screaming, “MY SISTER…!” and that was when it seemed the entire asylum itself began to howl in anger and pain over the situation. The walls vibrated, the floor shook, and the bloody-skin man threw down the two body pieces in anger. The cop began firing two revolvers at the attacker, but from the women’s view, it instantly vanished, at the worst time. As Patient’s LAURALEE, SHASHA, and Rev Mother MARY-PAT cowered in the gunfire, Patient HARD ROXY, who was leading the women out in front, was the recipient of the bullets. The cop continued firing until the gunshots were only empty chamber clicks mixed with the sound of the screaming asylum walls.

By the time FATHER SHERRI had made to the hallway of the Mess Hall, the hallways were being overrun by yelling raged patients who had somehow escaped their cells. The mass of the hysteria was in front of him and they hadn’t seen him in the back darkness of the hall. There was too much noise and confusion for FATHER SHERRI to head what was happening in the Mess Hall itself, but he knew he wasn’t penetrating the mob heading in there! When he began thinking about where to go or what to do next, a roar from inside the asylum shook his heart and his chest grew heavy. It suddenly became hard to breathe as if the asylum itself just sucked out all the oxygen out of the air and a fiendish hollow scream filled the halls and structure of the entire building. Beyond terrified, FATHER SHERRI ran to a safe room!

The Mess Hall brawl was bad enough as it was but when Patient HEATHER lead in an army of angry loose patients, Coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE knew they had no chance in fighting everyone off. MR. HANK was able to grab Nun SISTER MARY from the brawl while MR. GORE was able to rescue Nun SISTER PENGUIN from Patient HERBIE. Patient’s NOLAN & CYRUS, who were attacking, Nun’s SISTER WANDA & SISTER MARY, were losing their battle until the room seemed to flood with an essence of pure rage, violation, and evil power. The walls and air seemed to roar in pain and frustration, almost wiping the minds of every patient who was inside the asylum. MR. HANK & MR. GORE saw the patient’s faces change, and they couldn’t reach SISTER WANDA in the riot. As they grabbed the Nuns they saved to run out the back doorway, they could hear SISTER WANDA scream her final scream as the now-mad mob swarm of loose patients grabbed, yanked, pulled, and ripped SISTER WANDA completely apart like a gang of possessed playground children all holding onto a toy that they all wanted, refusing to let go!

What was happening in the Mess Hall began to happen in the O.R.: a swarm of rioting inmates and mentally unstable patients broke in and began destroying everything around them as they charged their way through. Med’s DR. STERILIZER & DR. JOHN charged past everyone, grabbed the gurney with their deceased patient’s floppy dangling skin still lying on it, turned it sideways, and used it as a roadblock until Psych’s DR. CRAZY & DR. HOPE, Nurse’s CATHERINE & GRETCHEN, and FATHER ZEEK could escape out the other O.R. entrance door. The mob was too strong and began pushing the gurney against the doctors, easily enough because the wheels weren’t locked. Psych’s DR. CRAZY & DR. HOPE turned around and helped the two med doctors brace the gurney, pushing back while the nuns and the priest escaped. Head Nurse GRETCHEN held the doors open for the three to escape first and she realized that Nurse CATHERINE was not visible in the chaotic room. Head Nurse GRETCHEN screamed at the four doctors to, “…Get The Hell Out Of Here!” when the tile of the O.R. walls began to shake and fall. The floor began to rumble and everyone began to hear a blood curdling scream from deep inside the asylum. As the building shook, the mob grew stronger, and everyone, but one, fled the O.R. assault.

Nun WALABALA new damn well she was to be caught but she still drove to the asylum and was mentally making up a reason why she left. Just in case, she knew she had to come up with something!


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