WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 7
The Brother & The Sister

CHAPTER 7: The Brother & The Sister


The alarm in the asylum meant several things: everyone who wasn’t a patient/inmate was coming, the police were notified, and above all: order and stability wasn’t in control. The alarm blared, like a repetitive deep-bellow fire alarm inside a submarine, well before Patient HARD ROXY released over fifty inmates free as the getaway distraction. As the realization of ‘being set free’ sunk in to the minds of the nameless inmates, Patient’s HARD ROXY, LAURALEE, & SHASHA ran toward the front of the asylum, leaving the horrors of the loose patients and their battle for freedom far away behind them!

Inside the heart of the first brawl, the Mess Hall continued to erupt. Coroner MR. HANK Patient’s NOLAN & CYRUS who were still clawing and ripping at Nun’s SISTER WANDA & SISTER MARY. Coroner MR. GORE ran to Nun SISTER PENGUIN’s aid as she swung her broom at Patient HERBIE. Both the Coroners and the Nuns had absolutely no idea of the Patient’s plans or the purpose of the attack; simply to them, it looked like a diabolical attack of three vicious men versus three helpless women. Then the front doors of the Mess Hall opened, pouring in a riot of freed and deranged mental patients!

Something made Patient BABA-LANA freeze in mid-peel, and feeling struck her: “My brother is…Here!” Patient BANA-LANA screamed and squealed in delight, changing her vocal repetition for the first time in over twenty years. But a horror thought struck her: she wasn’t ready! She had to hurry!

Med’s DR. STERILIZER & DR. JOHN, Psych’s DR. CRAZY & DR. HOPE, Nurse’s CATHERINE & GRETCHEN, and FATHER ZEEK couldn’t move. Their feet were frozen to the wooden floor of the O.R., unable to mentally grasp the impossible before their eyes! The scream of Patient DUCT-TAPE gurgled away as the rip of her skin traveled down her chest, stomach, all the way to both feet. The skin rip actually split in a Y where necessary. From inside, a skinless figure slowly rose up, sliding its arms from the restraints easily. The loose skin of Patient DUCT-TAPE was nothing more than fleshy banana peel. The blood covered skinless human figure slid out of the skin wrapping and climbed off the gurney, starring at the asylum staff in front of it. Patient DUCT-TAPE was 5’10”; this thing was 7’1” standing! It stood starring, large in stature and powerful in presence, and finally said, “…no. You’re all unclean…” and vanished before their eyes. Instantly, the O.R. doors erupted with a riot of angry screaming inmates!

As cop walked up the stairs that the Priest came down from and a pull was driving him a direction that was welcoming to him. The officer reloaded the shotgun without looking down at the mechanics, cocked the weapon, and continued his step by step pace. Something was calling him and the cop followed it until the short walk down the hall stopped him at a door reading: Asylum Chapel.

Reverend Mother MARY-PAT screamed for FATHER SHERRI as she ran down the hallway toward the Mess Hall. As she turned the dark corner of the wing, Rev Mother MARY-PAT was speared by three running women Patients heading in the opposite direction, fleeing for their lives! An uproar of rioting war cry’s grew louder behind the four women. PATIENT SHASHA picked up Rev Mother MARY-PAT, screaming, “Don’t Go That Way!” and she pulled the Reverend Mother in their escaping direction.  

 Nun WALABALA was still on her alternative route to the asylum, having no ideas about her husband’s auto accident. As she reached a stop sign, faint police sirens began to sound.

The oozed-puppet cop inside the asylum stood outside the Asylum Chapel door, not yet wanting to enter. Instead, a gleeful voice caught his ear: a happily giddy singing voice. The cop turned and aimed one of the revolvers down the dark hallway to see a sight that would make any normal human collapse. It was a draped wriggle of a woman’s naked skin as a bodysuit, dancing in twirls, singing, “My Brother Is Here!” The controlled mind of the cop, knowing the voice of his sister, lowered the pistol, smiled, and extended his arms whispering, “Bana-Lana…!” The body skin of the naked nun was too big but PATIENT BANA-LANA didn’t care; she was beautiful for her brother! That instant, directly behind PATIENT BANA-LANA, a bloody tall behemoth of a ‘man’, appeared out of thin air, grabbed PATIENT BANA-LANA by the waist with both hands, picked her up horizontally, and snapped her in two like sloppy spaghetti strands.

Every muck-oozing statue in the asylum angrily shrieked and violently exploded in dust & blood!


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