WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 6
The Statues & The Food

CHAPTER 6: The Statues & The Food


The cop with the smoking shotgun started at the now-dead priest and could feel the swampy muck slime grow and slide over his skin as it penetrated his clothing. But it was the explosive rage in his thoughts that his sister came here to the asylum and has never been heard from since! Deep in the catacombs of his mind, the cop knew he had no sister and his mental struggle with this entity was a losing battle. Yet, he still reloaded the shotgun and screamed an echoed outcry, “Where Is My Sister!?” His voice was overpowered by the blaring of the asylum alarm that roared in the empty darkened halls.

Reverend Mother MARY-PAT was in a whirlwind of confusion when the alarm blared and FATHER SHERRI took off; MARY-PAT didn’t know what to do next: keep rapping on the nun’s door to answer the screaming or run to the Mess Hall and find out the problem? MARY-PAT put her ear up to the door and because of the alarm, she couldn’t hear anything. In frustration, she hit the door with an open-palm slap and dashed for the Mess Hall, abandoning one of her own in her room to herself.  

 “My brother is coming…,” Patient BANA-LANA continued to say out loud, but in her mind, she was singing, “I Feel Pretty” from her aunt’s favorite play. Little did she know, while ever so carefully running the scalpel blade down the nun’s corpse, her continuous babble came out almost musically! Patient BANA-LANA finished the last incision, tossed the scalpel, and began to peel the nun of her skin.

Med’s DR. STERILIZER & DR. JOHN, Psych’s DR. CRAZY & DR. HOPE, Nurse’s CATHERINE & GRETCHEN, and FATHER ZEEK stood against the O.R. walls motionless and silent, gripped in fear. Even Patient DUCT-TAPE stopped screaming and yelling! Whatever was inside her body appeared to be ‘stretching out’, as if Patient DUCT-TAPE’s body was an empty pouch. The enlarged bubble that swelled reduced to nothing but seemed to spread around itself, causing movement under her skin on her feet, arms, throat, and legs; all at the same time. It now appeared that there was more than one thing in her. It was at this moment when Patient DUCT-TAPE screamed a painful cry that didn’t sound human at all as her skin on her forehead began to split open like a zipper and it traveled down her neck in a tearing!

Patient HARD ROXY watched Patient LAURALEE dash down the hallway, heading to the foyer of the asylum. Everything was in motion, mostly according to plan, until the alarm went off. Patient HARD ROXY knew something bad was happing in the Mess Hall; she just didn’t know what exactly Patient’s HERBIE, NOLAN, & CYRUS were doing to Nun’s SISTER WANDA, SISTER MARY, & SISTER PENGUIN. And, truthfully, she didn’t want to know! Patient SHASHA came running to Patient HARD ROXY’s side and said, “Let’s Just Get The Hell Outta Here! Forget them, we don’t need them; we have the keys!” Patient HARD ROXY thought about it, admits the alarm blaring, knowing a flood of nurses, nuns, and other management were coming. She realized Patient SHASHA was right, and she pulled the lever. Every single asylum patient door opened in unison on the East Wing; Patient HARD ROXY knew it was time to leave.

Coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE broke into a live-or-die sprint toward the Mess Hall, just in time to see one of the nun’s get brutally upper-cutted by an inmate. One of the other nun’s was still beside the alarm trigger, swinging a broom handle at other patient. MR. HAND & MR. GORE burst into action, more than ready to finally have a physical beat down on some patients, these who deserve it!

The van from the Processing Plant pulled out of their parking lot. Inside, the passenger rookie worker was asking the driver about the phone call the statue in the back of the van.  The driver explained, “The Head Father of the asylum wants peace for all deceased inmates, so their bones are ground up and used in the mold for each statue. The graveyard’s empty, no burials.” The passenger worker, grimly thought about it, then asked about the ‘rest of the body’. The driver laughed and said, “What do you think is mixed in the patient’s dietary needs?” The statue in the back began seeping ooze.

Surgeon DR. BOB was racing back to the asylum, taking an alternative route different than his wife Nun WALABALA, running every stop sign and street light. It was 2:30am and no one was out. No one, except for a van that was also running an intersection! Surgeon DR. BOB had to time to stop. The crash caused his body to eject through the windshield and get run over by his own vehicle still in motion.


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