WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 5
Five Arriving & Six Escaping

CHAPTER 5: Five Arriving & Six Escaping


Before the cop that was banging on the door could respond to his deranged acting partner’s, “Where’s Is My Sister!?!” question, he was hit in the head with the butt end of the shotgun, knocking him out cold instantly. The assaulting officer reached down to his partner’s holster, removed the revolver, and placed it in his pants behind his pants belt. The cop with the pulsing green slime on him also took his partners ammunition pouch from his inner jacket pocket. The rage of where his sister was, was erupting all through his mind. The cop dashed around, took his weapons to the cruiser, turned the engine over, cut the wheel, and drove the cruiser through the bolted front doors of the asylum!

FATHER KEN stared at the torn-in-two body of the young nun dangling from the hands of the once-praying ivory statue. The darkness of the Asylum Chapel seemed to eclipse itself and FATHER KEN could sense an evil taunting him, festering him. All the white statues had the green snot-like ooze seeping from them and they all seemed to silently turn their gaze in his direction. FATHER KEN found himself thrusting his body through both doors of the Asylum Chapel open and dashing down the stairs to the main foyer, where just as he hit the bottom, a police cruiser crashed through the double doors. FATHER KEN ran in relief to the cruiser, and instantly saw another cop crushed to death under the driver door and the tire. A cop crawled out through the destroyed windshield and before the priest could finish, “Officer, what happen--,” FATHER KEN was on the receiving end of two horrific shotgun blasts.

Med DR. STERILIZER & Psych DR. CRAZY burst through the O.R. doors to a disturbing sight, just in time to hear Nurse CATHERINE scream, “The Patient is hemorrhaging! She’s bleeding out!” They ran to Med DR. JOHN & Psych DR. HOPE to assist with Head Nurse GRETCHEN screaming, “Where Have You Two Been!?” Patient DUCT-TAPE was still screaming her warnings through a gap in the tape that was once covering her mouth, when the movement in her abdomen shifted, causing everyone in the O.R., including FATHER ZEEK, to go instantly silent and back up to the farthest wall. The swarming movement of Patient DUCT-TAPE under the tape and skin bellowed like the throat of a frog, almost ready to pop!

Patient HARD ROXY, with Patient HERBIE’s stolen cell keys in hand, ran down the end of the hall and put the marked key in the master lock. Where and how he had gotten the keys, Patient HARD ROXY didn’t know. For being a senile old man, she had to admit, he was crafty! Patient HARD ROXY removed the lock, placed both hands on the massive lever, and waited for the signal. Patient LAURALEE was already off and running downstairs to find this ‘police cruiser’, instead of the asylum laundry van.

Patient SHASHA was heading to Patient BANA-LANA’s room when Patients HERBIE, NOLAN, & CYRUS reached the Mess Hall doors. “Nun’s SISTER WANDA, SISTER MARY, & SISTER PENGUIN are inside,” old man Patient HERBIE said to the guys. “I don’t know what is going to happen once we go in or how it’s going to happen. Were in his hellhole because we’re ‘crazy’; so throw away your morals, boys! This is your last chance at freedom, but we’re gonna go through Hell to get it; a Hell you may never return from...!” They all nodded. “We need their Habits to pull this escape off. If we’re crazy, be crazy!”

Surgeon BOB and wife Nun SISTER WALABALA left his house in separate vehicles. On the other side of town, same distance from Surgeon BOB’s home, two men left the processing plant in a van, ready to pick up the next ‘shipment’ from the asylum. They hated going there at night but it was the best way to collect covertly. While all three vehicles were traveling to the same place, coroners MR. HANK & MR. GORE were running toward Surgeon BOB’s office. That was when the Panic Alarm, or the ‘Holy-Hell-Things-Just-Went-From-Bad-To-Worse’ alarm began to blare, deafening the entire asylum!

Reverend Mother MARY-PAT and FATHER SHERRI’s were still beating on Nun SISTER WENDI’s door when the asylum’s Panic Alarm blared. Horror struck their faces and FATHER SHERRI ran to the alarm’s trigger: the Mess Hall. Inside Nun SISTER WENDI’s room, Patient BANA-LANA had already snapped Nun SISTER WENDI’s neck, careful to damage her intention. Her babble still repeated of her brother but her mind was working: a makeover! Carefully, Patient BANA-LANA, while singing, guided the stolen scalpel blade down the entire back of the nun’s body, only cutting the exact incisions necessary.


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