WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 4
Green Ooze & Red Blood

CHAPTER 4: Green Ooze & Red Blood


The officer at the door of the asylum continued to beat as hard as he could, screaming about the inmate that had fallen from a window. In his head, he was happy to be away from the graveyard, even for a moment. From behind him, the trunk to the cruiser slam shut and he spun around in total fear. Behind him, the cop saw his partner in the darkness coming from behind the car. It was so dark, the only reason the cop knew who it was, was because of the reflections from the badge and buttons on his uniform. And the shotgun. Then his voice, “You lyin’ son’v’abitch! Where’s Is My Sister!?!” The cop with the shotgun could feel the chunky slime on his skin speak to him and it raged out of his own voice.

Coroners MR. HANK & MR. GORE silently closed the office door together and began walking toward their next nightly duty: the mess hall. But they didn’t get too far when they heard laughter in a closed off room. They both paused and MR. HANK recognized one voice instantly: Psych DR. CRAZY. MR. GORE assumed the other voice was Med DR. STERILIZER laughing with him. The coroners knew they were celebrating over their soldier boy patient but damn were they loud! MR. HANK & MR. GORE opened the door to the Lounge, causing both doctors to jump, disrupting their laughter. That was when the phone rang, again, and Med DR. STERILIZER answers. Uncontrollable shouting came from the receiver and all the laugher left the doctor’s face. “We’re on our way!” said the doctor, looking at Psych Dr. CRAZY. “O.R., now! And you two?!” he looked at the coroners, “Find Surgeon DR. BOB! Now!”

At his home, Surgeon DR. BOB & wife Nun SISTER WALABALA were resting from their physical endeavors when the surgeon heard a sound: a faint alarm. It was the phone off the hook. DR. BOB shot out of the bed, instantly furious! “I told you never to do that!” and he ran to the phone, hanging it up. SISTER WALLBALA explained that she just wanted them to not be interrupted for once and the moment the doctor hung up the receiver, it immediately rang. The doctor answered and the look on the surgeons face told her something was wrong. A hardcore shiver ran up her spine when she heard the scream.

The screaming from Patient DUCT-TAPE was too much for FATHER ZEEK to bear. Head Nurse GRETCHEN saw the priest covering his eyes and ears, then screamed at him for his physical assistance. Immediately the doctor lunged forward to help and tried to hold Patient DUCT-TAPE down. Nurse MS. CATHERINE, Med DR. JOHN, & Psych DR. HOPE were still ripping the dried tape off as fast as they could until they got to DUCT-TAPE’s mouth, where they realized DUCT-TAPE wasn’t a heavy man with a gut, but a woman! A pregnant woman, screaming, “Cover Me Back Up! Tape Me Back Up! Don’t Let It Out! Don’t Let It Out! Tape Me Back Up! Now! Stop! Tape Me Back Up!” Nurse CATHERINE noticed blood was seeping out from under the middle of the gurney and the doctors watched her belly roll under the tape.

Patient HERBIE looked around him when Patient SHASHA arrived, wiping blood from her hand. “Okay, step one: HARD ROXY, take the keys. Only unlock the cells when I say. LAURALEE, there’s a police cruiser out front; I saw the lights. We’ll need it; the laundry van is gone. NOLAN, CYRUS, and I will take care of Nun’s SISTER WANDA, SISTER MARY, & SISTER PENGUIN in the Mess Hall. HEATHER, stop the alarm from blaring at all costs!” Everyone nodded, then Patient SHASHA said, “Where’s BANA-LANA?”

Nun SISTER WENDI turned in her sleep and she woke up. No, she didn’t turn; something turned her. In the darkness of her room, a horrific vision entrapped her reality as she realized Patient BANA-LANA was sitting on her chest, looking at her nose to nose, wide eye to wide eye, repeating her babble. Reverend Mother MARY-PAT and FATHER SHERRI jolted from their sleep when they heard the scream from Nun SISTER WENDI’s quarters. They dashed from their rooms, ran to her door, and it was locked.

FATHER KEN ran down another corridor, hearing the scream get louder as he got closer to the Asylum Chapel. Then, the screaming stopped, and his pace quickened, knowing something was worse. His jog turned into a dash and he reached the Asylum Chapel where he knew the scream came from, and that’s a sight FATHER KEN can never erase. The large ivory statue of the praying nun was no longer praying. The statue arms were extended out, holding the throat of SISTER SUE in one hand, and SISTER SUE’s ankles in another. The puddle of blood under the ripped body of SISTER SUE was still expanding.


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