WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 3
Phone Calls & Occupied Halls

CHAPTER 3: Phone Calls & Occupied Halls


Coroners MR. HANK & MR. GORE walked inside and headed toward the office with the infamous squeaking door. It always took them both to open the door without it making a sound; it was heavy solid oak and the hinges were rusted. MR. HANK turned the knob and lifted the door while MR. GORE grabbed the mail slot, also lifting. Taking the pressure off the bottom hinge worked most of the time, and this time it did, too. MR. GORE guarded the doorway while MR. HANK was talking the phone, “Hey guys, yeah, we have another one for you.” A pause, then, “Yeah, a repeater: bones to the masonry and meat to the processing plant. It’s in the cemetery.” Another pause. “Okay, thanks again,” and hung up.

Even after his grotesque death, the green gunk still seeped from every opening in the fallen patient: head orifices, under the finger nails, and who knows where else! The chunky ooze from his fingertips was smeared on the cop’s pants and in a very short amount of time, alone in the dank graveyard, the officer began to hear a whisper in his ears. Only for a second, was the cop terrified. As the whisper grew convincing, and slightly louder, the cop grew madder as the whisper, now a voice, took over. The cop realized the voice was his own, and his partner knew just were his sister was! “That’s why he took off! Not to get help, but to leave me here!” The cop stood up, grabbed both flashlights, and stomped angrily to where the cruiser was parked. He knew damn well his sister was here somewhere!

FATHER ZEEK stood in the corner of the O.R. watching Head Nurse GRETCHEN & Nurse MS. CATHERINE hold Patient DUCT-TAPE down so Med DR. JOHN & Psych DR. HOPE could put the gurney restraints on Patient DUCT-TAPE. FATHER ZEEK hated these moments, but he felt if things went wrong, his services of God’s Passage would be needed. The restrain took a moment, as the dried tape painfully pulled the patients skin and wounds but it was nothing compared to what was coming! FATHER ZEEK had never heard screams like that as all four medical staff members began to violently rip, yank, tear, and pull off every piece of infected duct tape off the man. FATHER ZEEK’s skin crawled from head to toe.

Nun SISTER WENDI, Reverend Mother MARY PAT, and FATHER SHERRI were still asleep as Nun SISTER SUE couldn’t take the night anymore. Awake in bed? Pointless! Therefore she got up, grabbed her shawl, and headed for the Asylum Chapel. The hall quarters of the nuns and fathers were on the opposite side of the asylum, so most was quiet. Lit by candlelight, SISTER SUE walked the dark to the Chapel, entered, knelt before the ivory statue of Mother Mary, raised her head and screamed! Her head spun around dizzily and she realized that every ivory statue in the Chapel was bleeding a greenish ooze. Worse yet, every single statue that was seeping seemed to have a sinister smirk on each face.

Psych DR. CRAZY and Med DR. STERILIZER drank a bit more scotch than needed, verbally agreeing that their World War 2 patient had tremendous potential, if they could tap into his mental restraint. They were so drunk, they ignored the call from the O.R. staff. The phone also wrung in Surgeon DR. BOB’s home, but Nun SISTER WALABALA previously took the phone off the hook.

Nun’s SISTER WANDA, SISTER MARY, & SISTER PENGUIN were in the Mess Hall when the escape plan began. Patient HARD ROXY, with a stolen wrench, tapped the floor the Morse Code signal and everyone knew what to do. Patients HERBIE, NOLAN, LAURALEE undid the locks of their cell doors as CYRUS turned back around and got HEATHER out of hers. Patient SHASHA also heard the signal and softly called her friend Nurse MS. PUMPKINHEAD to her door. When the Nurse reopened the door, she had no warning. After whispering, “I’m so sorry,” Patient SHASHA’s hidden screwdriver was pulled out of her right sock and was driving up under the Nurse’s chin. The force of the attack so hard, the flathead punctured through the top of the Nurse’s skull, which SHASHA viciously grabbed to yank the tool out.

As Patient SHASHA drug the body of Nurse MS. PUMKINHEAD into her cell, FATHER KEN walked the halls of the Asylum and heard a faint scream, by his judgement was coming from the Asylum Chapel. He quickened his step to investigate as all the escaping patients collected themselves. Patient BANA-LANA, still talking her babble warning, “My brother is coming…” today in German, had another plans. She silently left the confines of her cell and headed to where her brother’s voice was telling her to go.


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