WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 2
A Set Up & An Escape Plan

CHAPTER 2: A Set Up & An Escape Plan


On top of the roof, coroners MR. HANK & MR. GORE stood aloft the asylum roof, looking down into the misty darkness. Heaving the deceased Patient off the roof was the easy part; opening the office window exact one floor below them to explain the “suicide” was the hard part; the squeak of that door was infamous. Anyone who heard it open knew that office door and it wouldn’t be opened by its correct occupant in six hours. Nonetheless, they’ve done it before and they left the roof together to finish the setup, completely unaware that Patient GUILE’s fighting opponent was still alive calling for, “…help…!”

Flashlights and guns drawn, the two cops walked slowly and cautiously toward the faint cry for help deep in the shadow mist. The flashlights illuminated the top layers of the mist, seeing the taller tombstones sticking out of the fog like boulders at a beach. And there, lying on top of a cracked cross headstone, on his back, bruised and bloodied, lay a man in inmate clothing, barely clinging to life. The officers put the flashlights on the ground and helped the man to the damp grassy floor, checking his life signs and injury, but before they could call in a report or yell for help, the Patient began clawing at one of the cops saying, “I…want my…sis[gag]ter! I…wa[gag]nt…my sister[gag]now!” In the middling gagging of his words, the Patient began to seep out green bile from his eyes, mouth, nose, and ears until he gagged his last breath of air, which exhaled in a saturated congestive death rattle deep in his throat. A final cough from the Patient as he died caused a small splatter of green snot to land on one of the cop’s face, which the officer quickly wiped off. That cop stayed with the Patient as the other cop ran for help.

FATHER ZEEK, DR. JOHN, Head Nurse GRETCHEN, Psych DR. HOPE, and Nurse MS. CATHERINE had already left the foyer of the asylum and locked the door. The pounding on the door of the cop was mistaken by the poundings on the walls and doors from the late night restless Patients throughout the asylum. Murmuring, crying, talking, singing, babbling, shackles clanging, beds banging, doors punched, and other sounds echoed nightly inside the walls of the asylum, blending together nightmarishly. After the medical staff took Patient DUCT-TAPE to the surgical wing, the noises toned down a bit.

Nun SISTER SUE, SISTER WENDI, Reverend Mother MARY PAT, and FATHER SHERRI all had finally found sleep in each of their own rooms, although no-one really ‘slept’; instead ‘rested’.  Nurse MS. PUMPKINHEAD had just returned Patient SHASHA to her room when Patient GUILE appeared at the other end of the hall accompanied by FATHER KEN. Side by side they talked as they walked. Nurse MS. PUMPKINHEAD, a nickname that suck given by a now deceased Patient she cared for aimed at her old hair style, hated eaves dropping, but it was better than the haunting sounds of the halls. FATHER KEN was telling Patient GUILE ‘not to be sorrowful’ and ‘everyone has a time to leave the Earth’. FATHER KEN walked Patient GUILE to his room, opened the door, Patient GUILE walked in, and the priest locked it. The nurse watched the priest leave quietly with his head down, shaking it side-to-side.

Psych DR. CRAZY and Med DR. STERILIZER sat together in their lounge and discussed the mental and physical achievements Patient GUILE had overcome in such a short period of time. They were agreeing the up his meds, and his competition! While they went over verbal notes, several halls away, Patient CYRUS snuck out of Patients HEATHER’s room after their time together. Across town, Surgeon DR. BOB & Nun SISTER WALABALA were not yet finished; the night was still young and they were alone.

Nun’s SISTER WANDA, SISTER MARY, & SISTER PENGUIN left the Main Containment Hall where the patient’s rooms were for their lunch period. When the door locked behind them, Patient HARD ROXY stopped talking, Patient HERBIE woke up, Patient NOLAN & Patient LAURALEE ceased their conversation, but Patient LANA-BANA didn’t stop her continuous babble “My brother is coming…!” Patient HERBIE spoke over the almost silence, “This is our only chance! You all know what to do! Go!”

Alone, Patient GUILE was in his room, looking at his hands and noticed chunky green slime in his knuckle bruises. His hands felt heavier and a voice began whispering in his ear, something about a sister. No one knew Patient GUILE was under attack. No one knew the voice grew into a deafening rage. No one knew that he was dead five minutes later on his cell floor from choking his own throat to death.


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