WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 4: 'Beyond Insane' Asylum
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 1
New Arrival & Latest Departure

CHAPTER 1: New Arrival & Latest Departure


The squad car awaited outside the entrance of the asylum for twenty minutes; amidst the darkness of the chilly morning. It was dank and quiet; not a single cricket chirped. The ground fog hovered over the grounds like a mist over dry ice, hiding the tombstones off to the left of the building; both cops inside the car were thankful for that! They were talking about the mute graveyard when the light above the double entrance doors flicked off, then on, and that was the signal to enter. The cops exited the cruiser, took the handcuffed chubby man out of the back, and the three walked up to the door. FATHER ZEEK welcomed the three in, along with Med DR. JOHN, Head Nurse GRETCHEN, Psych DR. HOPE, and Nurse MS. CATHERINE. The medical staff took the Patient away immediately for an evaluation as FATHER ZEEK signed the paperwork and within a minute, the policemen left…eagerly!

Several people were awake and heard the conversation through the echoes of the emptiness and quietness of the asylum. Nun SISTER SUE heard the soft commotion of their entrance. She always said she didn’t know what was worse: the marbling of the Patients, the vast long corridors of the building, or the emptiness of the night time echoes. SISTER WENDI, in her bed, heard the arrivals name was Patient DUCT-TAPE as the doctor spoke; obviously not a real name. Reverend Mother MARY PAT & FATHER SHERRI woke up in their separate rooms, hearing the squeaking of the wheel chair as the staff traveled down the main hall with the Patient. Lastly, Nurse MS. PUMPKINHEAD and Patient SHASHA saw the party with Patient DUCT-TAPE, literally, as they passed down the hallways, crossing each other. Patient DUCT-TAPE was literally bound and wrapped in duct tape, like a mummy, bleeding from several of the separations of tape. The blood, already dried, looked like crusted pizza sauce severely peppered.

Secretly in a padded room, deep in the south wing of the asylum, Psych DR. CRAZY was studying Patient GUILE from the room’s loft. Beside the psych stood Med DR. STERILIZER, and asylum coroner’s MR. HANK & MR. GORE. Patient GUILE just fought with another Patient in hand to hand combat and Patient GUILE was standing motionless over his defeat adversary. DR. STERILIZER and DR. CRAZY nodded at one another and the coroners left together to collect the body. The two doctors left the loft to venture down to talk to Patient GUILE as FATHER KEN entered the padded room to give religious passage unto heaven for the deceased Patient. None of the seven knew of the new arrival.

Four others who knew nothing of the new arrival were Surgeon DR. BOB & Nun SISTER WALABALA, who were privately entwined with one another at the surgeon’s home. No one knew of their actual marriage to one other, and for the sake of their lives, they planned on keeping it that way. Two others also entangled into one another were Patient CYRUS & Patient HEATHER, who was brought to the asylum together over a year ago, court ordered by a federal judge after their fifth arrest.

Nun’s SISTER WANDA, SISTER MARY, & SISTER PENGUIN were on early morning duty, patrolling the halls and checking the doors of the inmates. They heard everything inside the asylum, but it was always jumbled together: the constant sobbing and reversed talking of Patient HARD-ROXY, the snores of the asylums oldest inmate Patient HERBIE, various prayers and bible verses from every which direction from countless Patients, Patient NOLAN’s nightly conversations with Patient LAURALEE in their own language they created for themselves that no staff member had yet to decipher, and last but far from least, the worst of the soft spoken hauntly echo hallway chatter: Patient BANA-LANA. Every staff member would have told you she was the worst.  All day, all night, everyday a different language, “My brother is coming…my brother is coming…my brother is coming…!” eyes bulged and barely blinking.

As the policemen left the asylum, walking faster than when they arrived, a sound struck them so fiercely, both men almost jumped out of their own skin. It was the sound of a horrific thud in the night and in the fog, coming from the left of the asylum, inside the blanket of the misty fog where the tombstones stood erect. Both cops looked at one another and almost made a dash for the car when one officer heard a faint, “…help…!” come from where the thud sounded. They both saw a curl in the fog that indicted that someone had fallen from the asylum building and landed on the ground, still alive…!


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