True Memoirs of A Liar 2: Sacrifice
Author: C Lawson

Chapter 1
The Middle pt.1

Have you ever felt as if you’ve been preparing for something your entire life?  As if the past years you’ve spent on this planet were just a prelude to whatever was going to happen next?  My life was planned.  Before my mentor, before my life at the orphanage.  It started with my mother and Edward.  My entire life has been a prelude, an introduction.  To something bigger and darker than anything I have seen or ever will see.  And I walked, no ran, straight, smack dab into it.  Or rather; into him.

            Horses wear blinders in races.  They look straight ahead at where they’re going.  They are never distracted from their goal, never distracted from what they know, because of those blinders.  I was wearing blinders when I met Alex.  I knew exactly what I needed to do, and I knew my goal.  Unfortunately for me, as soon as I’d gotten close to my goal, he’d decided that it would be a dandy idea to thrust his hand out, snatch my blinders, and throw them so far into the distance that it would’ve been a waste of time to even take a pathetic step to try to retrieve them.  After those blinders were gone, ‘distracted’ had to be the understatement of the year.  I could see everything around me.  I saw the beauty in things I never would have thought as any more than a simple obstacle in the way of wherever it was I was going.  Alex made me slow down and look, really look, at things I’d rather just pass.

            Until he gut-punched me.  Hard.  Punched me and then left me on the ground; for two years.  And, for some reason that I couldn’t put my finger on, I’d forgiven him.  For that same reason, I’d agreed to marry him.  To take it one step further, and for that exact same cursed reason, I’d walked into my own nightmare just to save him.  What was that reason?  Oh, yeah, I almost forgot.  I love him.


I walked down the street and saw my breath come out in a silver puff in the chilled air.  Hurried people rushed past me and I kept twisting my shoulders to avoid a collision.  New York City wasn’t that bad, it just wasn’t that good, either.

            The envelope had said to be in front of Bellary’s at one in the morning.  One in the morning!  Bellary’s closed at eight thirty every day except for Sundays, which in that case, it closes at six.  I rounded the corner and saw that the small coffee shop’s lights were off.  Of course they were off, the shop was closed.

            But there was someone standing there.  Just in front of the door was a figure, enveloped in darkness.  It was clearly male.  Hunched shoulders, clean cut hair, tall.  Definitely male.

            I really wasn’t in the mood to be shot this morning.

            I wished that Alex was with me.  I had had to sneak out when he was sleeping to come here.  As if that weren’t enough to make me feel more than guilty, I hadn’t told Alex or Serenity what information was in the envelope, and as soon as I had read it I had burned it (which was very difficult to do, considering that I had to become Dan Marino just to reach the fireplace).  Alex had been pretty steamed for at least a week, but I had to come and find out what this man wanted.  I was shocked that he’d even escaped.  I may not exactly get warm and fuzzy around the guy, but I have to admit that eluding the FBI was quite impressive.

            Nothing was making sense and I was thinking in circles and my thoughts doubled over on themselves again and again and again as I approached the man.

            My breathing was ragged to say the absolute least and my heart pounded out a rhythm that I can only compare to a punk rock drum solo.

            I approached the man slowly and carefully; it was not the man I’d expected.  He had sent a goon.  How typical.

            “Good morning, miss.” The goon nodded politely, giving me a slight once-over.

            “Good morning,” I greeted icily. “What does he want?” I asked, referring to his boss.

            “To inform you that the FBI did not succeed in—”

            “The guy got away.”

            “Yes, miss.  And he also has told me to inform you that he sends out his sincerest apologies for using the tactics that he did during your last encounter—”

            “Where he tried to kill off everyone I cared about.”

            “Yes, miss.  And he also has told me to inform you that his offer still stands—”

            “To take his place on the ‘throne’ and kill hundreds of children every day.”  The goon looked extremely uncomfortable.

            “Yes, miss.  And—”

            “Please stop.” He shut up. “What is your name?”

            “Samuel, miss.” He looked startled that I had asked.

            “Hi, Samuel.  I’m Camille.” I extended my hand and he took it in his gloved one briefly. “Now, Samuel, you seem like a nice enough person.”

            “Thank you, miss.”

            I then proceeded to tell Samuel to tell his boss just what I thought about his offer and just where I wanted him to shove it.



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