When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 15
Wolf Fight

In the morning Brooke woke up and smelled cooked fish. Then she heard growling, and then whining, and then more growling. Brooke jumped up and ran out of the tent. There was two angry looking wolves pinning each other to the ground. Shawn was no where to be seen.


One of the wolves bit the other one and they began tussling again.


Brooke screamed and ran back into the tent and closed the flap. Her teeth where chattering and she was shivering with fear. The noise started again and lasted for about fifteen minutes before it quieted down and stopped, it was another fifteen minutes untill Brooke energed from the tent.


Brooke walked out of the tent slowly and saw a wolf laying on the ground. It was bloody and battered and looked dead. Brooke shivered and started backing up... where was the other wolf....


Brooke felt something grab her shoulder, "ahhhh" she screamed and turned around. It was Shawn, climbing down from the tree behind her. "Don't worry, they both were injured enough to not be able to hurt us, the other wolf is behind that tree, i think its dead". Brooke sighed "where were you when this happened?" she asked.


"Up in that tree"


"Why did you think it was safe in that tree"


"Because they where more intent in fighting than climbing tree's" Shawn said sounding annoyed. "Just asking" Brooke spat back at him and started packing up the tent. Angel walked up to Brooke, her fur was standing up along her spine. "I didn't know what I was getting into"  Angel hissed, "The kittens were scared out of there minds, I will not tollerate that again".


Brooke threw her head into her hands, why was everyone blaming the wolf attack on her!


Brooke wondered if chasing her dream was a good idea or not, she decided that she would head back home.


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