When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 13

After living a few weeks with Josie brooke smelled smoke on the air after a fishing trip. Brooke started running torwards the house and she smelled it more, and more the closer she got to Josies. Then she saw it, the house was on FIRE. Brooke screamed, but she saw her cats carring her back pack and purse coming out of the forest next to her.


"We wanted to find you and tell you we should go" Shadow meowed, "Daisy, tell her what you saw". One of the kittens walked up and cleared her voice, "well i saw a tall man with a long blaack beard sneaking in... the house with... a long stick and...and a match.. then he set it on fire... and i woke up mommy and daddy.. and then we left". Daisy finished speaking and ran behind Angel.


Brooke gasped as she relized that Granny Josie had not come out of the house "Josie" Brooke called. The clouds above the house started spitting out rain, then rain steadily started to fall putting out the blaze.


 "She was just to old and weak to get out"  Rose cried and tears started welling up in the little cats eyes. "Wahhhh" all the kittens screeched, all that noise brought Shawn limping over, "What Happened" he screamed "Does this mean we leave now for the hill"!.


Brooke laughed slowly and saddly, "yes, i guess it does".



Later that day Brooke and Shawn  dug in the rubble of the house and found the remains of Old Granny Josies body. They gave her a proper burial then, or at leat as proper as children could do. Rose couldn't get over Josie dieing, every day and night she was always wailing "Poor Granny Josiee Wahhh". Even as much as Saphhire and Daisy and Peppermint tried to help, she wouldn't stop wailing. Foyer just got so annoyed with it he was made himself ear plugs out of leaves.


Shawn walked over to Brooke "Do we leave now?" "yes" Brooke sighed calling to the cats and putting on her back pack and purse. "Come on, we leave now". 


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