WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 1: Mortey, The Killer Carnie Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 15
Alternative Ending #1 (Bonus Chapter)

July 7th, 1:50 pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


Trying to gain control of his body, to see where he was going, and to escape MORTEY temporarily was all NORMAN’s intent. With disoriented vision from the electric shock, NORMAN hobbled passed the gaming area heading toward the Rides & Attractions area. There was a ride he was looking for: The Scrambler.


Barking and screaming orders, the female voice in MORTEY’s head was relentless, angrily yelling at MORTEY to violently desecrate NORMAN. MORTEY, slow to his feet but still up, limped and dragged himself in the same direction as NORMAN but NORMAN was well ahead of him. The mallet, dragging the ground from his left hand’s grip, was helping MORTEY’s balance.

Deep inside MORTEY’s conscience, way behind the female voice, was the real MORTEY, trying to grasp the reality of the moment, but she was too strong, too loud, and somehow, the only thing keeping him alive. If killing NORMAN would end her brutal temperament for peace of mind, he’d do it.

At that moment, MORTEY realized he was in the Rides & Attractions area of the carnival, and NORMAN was slouched against a railing near a ride control panel. 


NORMAN & MORTEY’s uncle was ripping through the fairgrounds in his stolen squad car and saw movement. The radio chatter through his unit was as annoying as continuous commercials on your favorite radio station, but he needed the intel on where everyone was. He knew the emergency and police squads had surrounded the carnival grounds and were on foot, heading toward the middle, but he had to get there first. Somehow, he knew that’s where NORMAN & MORTEY would be, hopefully together.

At that moment, he saw them both: MORTEY dragging a mallet, hunched and in pain, and NORMAN, leaning against a ride station. The Scrambler ride was slowly spinning and increasing in speed.


NORMAN, weary and not recovering well from the jolt earlier, played possum and watched MORTEY arrive. NORMAN was leaning against the control panel and could barely see MORTEY stagger toward him but nonetheless, MORTEY was coming. NORMAN, who had already pulled out a section of the guard rail around the ride, faked a faint and fell backward toward the ground with the metal barrier.

MORTEY saw this and the voice raged to “Move Faster…!”

“Kill him…!”

“Hurt him…!” 

With NORMAN pinned under the metal railing, MORTEY knew this would be easy. As the ride spun faster, NORMAN watched MORTEY stand near his feet and raise the mallet, clearly struggling in pain. Their uncle slid the squad car to a halt just a few yards away and as he opened the door, MORTEY was raising his mallet overhead with NORMAN trapped under a section of the ride’s metal guard rail. Their uncle couldn’t believe his eyes.


Armed police and readily paramedics were storming the carnival grounds, looking for any emergency or malicious action at hand. The nightmare of what was reported was coming true: a slew of bodies, two of their own motionless, a blown-up tent, and a lifeless aftermath. One cop saw a squad car’s dusty trail from a distance and reported it into the radio. Everyone ran faster onto and throughout the fairgrounds.


MORTEY raised his mallet and NORMAN hunched in a ball, used his legs, and pushed the railing into MORTEY, shoving him backward. NORMAN climbed to his feet and used the railing as a battering ram, shoving MORTEY backward into the ride, where a seat from The Scrambler hit MORTEY like a truck on a highway. Their uncle screamed for NORMAN to get into the squad car and NORMAN turned around to see his uncle. How he knew NORMAN & MORTEY were there was beyond him but it was an escape!

NORMAN picked up his knife and began walking toward his uncle when two gunshots rang out. NORMAN’s uncle watched NORMAN double over from a shot to the chest and then fly backward from a shot to the head.

An approaching cop radioed, ‘Suspect down!”

As the cop arrived, NORMAN’s uncle screamed for NORMAN. As their uncle ran to NORMAN’s body, he realized MORTEY had disappeared.


R.I.P. Escaped Convict NORMAN


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