WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 1: Mortey, The Killer Carnie Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 14



(cast - elimination recap, results in order of elimination, *YOUR SCORE)


BEULER – gutted in his office trailer by NORMAN *0 POINTS

JIM – stabbed in the back/severed spine by NORMAN *4 POINTS

CODY – shot in the eye by RICK’s stray bullet *8 POINTS

JEREMIAH – crushed under an ambulance/vehicle accident *12 POINTS

ZOMBIE – impaled the ambulance windshield/vehicle accident *16 POINTS

PAT – shot numerously at point-blank range by RICK/mercy killing *20 POINTS

SHA-NENE – killed on Ferris wheel when HERBIE fell on her *24 POINTS

LARRY – asphyxiation/choked to death by RICK *28 POINTS

RICO – smashed in-between vehicles/vehicular manslaughter *32 POINTS

MOE – beaten to death with a mallet by MORTEY *36 POINTS

PRESTON – beaten to death with a mallet by MORTEY *40 POINTS

GHOST – died in E.R. from motorcycle accident injuries *44 POINTS

JESSICA – fell off the Ferris wheel to her death/snapped spine *48 POINTS

OLIVIA – mirror shard impaled into skull under the chin by RICK *52 POINTS

RICK – repeatedly stabbed with NORMAN’s knife by LEON *56 POINTS

JOKER – beaten to death by rival biker gang *60 POINTS

HERBIE – died on the Ferris wheel from his injuries *64 POINTS

JAXSON – mistake identity/beaten to death by rival biker gang *68 POINTS

CROWMAN – mistaken identity/beaten to death by rival biker gang *76 POINTS

LEON – beaten to death with a mallet by MORTEY *80 POINTS

JACK – shot repeatedly at point-blank range by NORMAN & MORTEY’s uncle *84 POINTS

SCARLET – died from heat exhaustion and internal injuries *88 POINTS

JAMES – crushed by dump truck inside a cop car *92 POINTS

NORMAN – Death Penalty/electric chair *96 POINTS

MORTEY – LIVED (If you chose MORTEY as your character, you won!) *100 POINTS


(Proceed on to read 2 different alternative endings; let us know which of the 3 endings you like best. Also, post in the Comments your score!)


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