WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 1: Mortey, The Killer Carnie Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 3
The Ternary

July 7th 1:00pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


The call the cop made, moments before he died by the stray bullet, did go through and the ambulance was on its way, as well as the authorities. What they were heading into though would be beyond their comprehension, especially four blocks from the carnival at the intersection of North St. & Smith Ave! JEREMIAH was reaching over 90 M.P.H. on JOKER’s bike with ZOMBIE & GHOST right behind him.

At an intersection, JEREMIAH turned the bike left directly into the called ambulance! JEREMIAH’s head collided with the ambulance bumper and his body went underneath in a gnarly pretzel twist. ZOMBIE was just behind JEREMIAH and he joust the bike at the ambulance’s grill.  It catapulted ZOMBIE off the seat and he shattered the ambulance windshield with his face, snapping his neck. GHOST jarred his bike right where it t-boned a car, launching him over ten feet in the air, and rag-dolled on the hot pavement.


JAXSON & CROWMAN rested hidden behind the beer tent, sitting on the grass. As JAXSON was taking his first hits, CROWMAN asked JAXSON where the ‘odd’ smell was coming from. JAXSON explained it was the CO2 tank for the kegs and CROWMAN nodded saying, “Oh yeah,” in agreement, lighting up his blunt.

Not but a few yard from the Beer Tent, JACK & JAMES stood frozen in fear, staring at a very angry JOKER.


PAT was closer to MORTEY than RICK realized. When RICK shot the 45 wildly, PAT crouched forward in fear while still in motion from LARRY’s shrewd shove. RICK still had the 45 in his hand but it felt heavy, since he almost wasted PAT, the girl he loves, by mistake!

When RICK looked back up, MORTEY already had grabbed PAT by her throat, lifting her off the ground! A million thoughts raced through RICK’s mind but actions overrode thoughts: “Don’t let her suffer!” RICK’s head said. He aimed, and shot.

And shot again.

And kept shooting as if his fingers were possessed! With tears in his eyes, RICK released the nine wild bullets blasted the life out of PAT, and some actually hit MORTEY. When reality clicked in, RICK opened his eyes seeing MORTEY motionless on the ground on his back. PAT’s lifeless face was buried in MORTEY’s shoes. RICK, disbelieving what just happened, fumbled the gun with shaking fingers, and ran.


LEON & OLIVIA watched in horror as a young teenage boy aimed the dead cop’s gun and waste an entire clip into the back of a girl that this horrific clown-man was chocking. The face the boy had showed it was a mercy killing for the victim and an intentional hopeful killing to her attacker. Brutal, but it worked. Crying, the boy ran away.

LEON, unable to move or even feel his newly numb feet, whispered to OLIVIA about her condition. OLIVIA was a mentally blank slate, literally eye glazed at all that she just watched.


MOE bolted the grounds on foot, realizing there was next to no one around. The last sight of life he saw were people hightailing it to their cars near the grassy parking area. Every inclination told him to leave the carnival, but something was happening, and people needed help!

As MOE ran, from a distance, he saw two people he recognized: LEON & OLIVIA. Both were lying on the paved path; one moving, one not. Twenty feet away from them were two more motionless people: one face-down and one face-up.


LARRY was far behind NORMAN, but both were running to the gaming area, away from MORTEY. When nine more gunshots rang out, both ducked as they ran. But NORMAN heard a distant sound he recognized immediately: pleas from JESSICA & SHA-NENE! NORMAN stopped, looked, and focused on the Ferris wheel: he saw HERBIE in the very top seat and was shoving SCARLET out of the ride seat!


PRESTON, furious by the sound of gunshots, meaning there would be ‘something more for him to clean up’, stomped into his shed, and started up the fastest thing he could drive toward the disruption: a dually bladed double-decked riding mower! With authority, PRESTON shifted the mower into reverse.


R.I.P. Oldest Brother JEREMIAH


R.I.P. Teenage Girl PAT

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