WILL YOU SURVIVE...? Set 1-Book 1: Mortey, The Killer Carnie Clown
Author: J.D. Brown, Hexagames CEO

Chapter 1
The Doublet

July 7th 12:50pm, Strawberry County Carnival, Richfork IA


JACK and JAMES were holding their intoxicated brother JEREMIAH back from walking up to GHOST & ZOMBIE & JOKER. The three bikers were talking amongst themselves where the beer was being served. JEREMIAH was thinking the bikers were supposedly ‘cooler’ because of their ‘bicycles’.

Frustrated, JEREMIAH harshly shrugged away from his brothers and left the tent. He snuck over to the biker gang’s bikes, found one with a key in it, started it up, and took off on a joyride! JAXSON & CROWMAN, the Beer Tent bartenders, watched all five men rush out of the beer tent as JEREMIAH stole JOKER’s motorcycle!


Officer CODY, after separating from Officer JIM, headed toward the Beer Tent when he heard a loud motorcycle engine roar to life and saw five guys dash from the Beer Tent to the grassy parking lot. Officer CODY began running in their direction, calling for, “Any and all carnival assistance,” over his radio. With all of his gear rattling on his uniform, it was difficult to hear any responses calling back.


Officer JIM began double-timing it on foot toward the gaming area, mentally bypassing the ‘watch for NORMAN’ assignment. Just before reaching the gaming area, a large chaotic roar of people could be heard in front of him as if a loud mob was coming at him. It was the last thing JIM heard, except for his own gasp of air, as a sharp object jabbed into his back! NORMAN twisted the knife, severing JIM’s spine, killing him quickly. NORMAN pulled out the knife and threw it off to the side just as the terrified gaming-area mob visually appeared with RICK & LARRY & PAT in front.

Acting, NORMAN began screaming, “Someone help with this cop!” RICK split from LARRY & PAT, running at NORMAN. Both NORMAN & RICK grabbed JIM’s hands and they pulled him out of the way of the approaching mob of people. NORMAN & RICK covered over JIM’s body as the mob ran past. When NORMAN & RICK sat up, they watched MORTEY swinging his mallet, hitting some woman in the back of the leg, and finally played Whack-A-Mole with her skull after she fell. RICO, in the mob, heard the woman screaming but continued running.


LEON & OLIVIA, on the medical cart, drove toward the gaming area when they heard the uproar. What they first saw was a two men covering over a man who looked like a cop. As they drove immediately to NORMAN & RICK, the large mob of people ran at LEON & OLIVIA, heading toward their cart. Before they could reach the three men, the screaming crowd rushed all around them. Three other people jumped into the cart, shoved LEON & OLIVIA out, and drove away, even hitting people as they tried to escape! LEON & OLIVIA were being literally trampled over by the running mob, barely dodging their cart’s tires.


JESSICA & SHA-NENE were taking ‘selfies’ of themselves with avatar dog faces on the Ferris wheel when the mob began to run, without knowing anything about MORTEY. HERBIE & SCARLET, also stuck on the ride but at the very top, watched the mob flee. HERBIE held SCARLET close as they looked over the edge of their metal seat. The heat was beating on all four of them with no shade to cover the sun’s July rays.


PRESTON was continuing his janitorial duties as MOE dashed past him, heading toward BEULER’s office trailer. PRESTON slightly lifted his head in MOE’s direction but paid next-to-no-mind. Seconds later, the running townspeople had passed PRESTON and he didn’t look up at a single one person. However, his blood pressure and anger did rise as the mob trashed the area PRESTON just cleaned with new garbage!


MOE burst into BEULER’s door to report what he saw MORTEY do, but what MOE found instead was far worse: BEULER behind his desk in his chair, slit from chin to groin, with every organ seeping out from under the front of the desk. The flies formed a black cloud, swarming BEULER’s open mouth, chest wound, and the bloody swamp. The sour of the hot trailer and the bile made MOE vomit uncontrollably.


R.I.P. Carnival Director BEULER

R.I.P. Officer JIM

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