The Lost World
Author: Tadia

Chapter 2

Sage the wolf opened his eyes and blinked in the morning light, it was his first day being in the younger wolves den. His brother and sister were laying next to him. Sage was part of a wolf pack owned by his father. Sage and his siblings were very special to his parents because they were the first of Arisols three batchess of pups with Snow, his mother, to turn out alive.


 Jasper, his brother, stood up and streached. "Can you believe this" he barked softly, Sage shook his head and started walking torwards the mouth of the cave. The sun was just rising on the hoizon, and all that was in sight was rocks and gray, brown, long, grass. Jasper followed him sniffing at all the rocks. It was a very interesting habit.


 Two other wolves were up at this time, it was the leader of the pack, Arisol, and his mate, Snow. Arisol was sitting on top of the large rock which sat outside his cave, Snow was laying next to him grooming his long gray pelt.


Sage and jasper walked over to them and inclined his head in a respectful jesture, "Hello father" he whispered. Arisol just stood up. "Ok you two, wake up your sister, I want you to catch breakfast" Arisol commanded them before turning around and heading back into his den, a large cave that sat next to the young wolves. Snow stood up and licked Sages head "he's just worried about this batch of pups" she told him before heading off into a hole in the ground, the queens den.


Sage sighed and turned around and walked back to the young wolves den to get Jade.  Jade was awake talking to Ryu. " Jade" Sage barked to her "Arisol wants us to catch this mornings prey". Jade stood up and sighed, she licked Ryu's ear and ran up to Sage "Fine" she huffed fluffing her tail. Why are she wolves always so prissy Sage thought and walked back to Jasper.


Sage walked up to Jasper and barked to him, "I guess we could hunt around the north corner of the territory, around the tree's". Jasper nodded and ran off in that derection, "Is that ok with you Jade" Sage asked. "Fine with me" she barked and padded off after Jasper.


Sage looked up at the rising sun, all the clouds where a red color. The sky was strange looking. He sighed, maybe it was just him. But he couldn't just shack off the feeling that something was going to happen, something that was going to change his life...




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