Giving up the art
Author: Ella

Chapter 7
Petit Allegro

i sat down beside ethieanna and stared down at her overflowing skirt.

"beautiful, isn't it? my favourite colour," she smiled as she bend down to tie the ribbons around her ankle.
"beautiful," i muttered and slipped my hand within the fold of her skirt. it was newly bought yet the colour was faded pale pink. the first layer of fabric was soft and silky. my fingers could slide over it. yet the layer hidden beneath it was terribly rough. a hot pink net with small holes in it. the pink was so overwhelming that it showed through the translucent first layer.

ethieanna stood up and i continued staring at her skirt. it looked she was wearing a dress woven from rose petals. her leotard was a glittery pink, a perfect blend with her tutu. the distintion between both was almost invisible.

"these shoes are new too," she grinned pointing them. her point shoes were the most expensive of their kind, she would dance in nothing less. yet to me i saw no difference. they were skin coloured and their ribbons a slight shade of maroon. they looked to me like any other ballet shoe i had ever seen.

now she was pulling her hair into a bun. her long silky black hair was neatly coiled into a ballet bun and placed into a black net that immediately blended into her hair. then, she picked up two more pink ribbons and weaved them into her hair, ending below the bun and letting the excess fall freely. my gaze shifted to her neck. the pink choker she wore held a ballerina pendent. it was smooth and silver. somehow, it was something i wish i had too.

she twirled around and her skirt fanned out smoothly before falling back into perfect position. her expression became serious and she exuded confidence as she strode into the dance hall.

"i will be here!" i called out to ethieanna. "waiting for you."

and i watched her begin her graceful dance, so full of spirit as took short quick leaps across the floor, it seemed like she would never stop.


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