Death Waltz
Author: Dalek Cruccibul

Chapter 7
The Waltz Begins


He was doing it! He was playing the Death Waltz with grace and flare! And suddenly, the entirety of the song came to the Talent like a bomb shell! The song went smoothly along, and the notes just seemed to click in the Talent's head. It was now that the Talent was confident that he could complete the song.

Now there were no challenges to face, no obstacles to overcome. The whole thing, in fact, seemed a little too easy.

“Marvelous Talent! You've really got this down!” Rex beamed with a big, brimming grin.

The Talent had not a second to talk, for his mind was all on the music. It felt good, though, to gain this new praise from Rex. This too felt like something was snapping in the Talent's head. It felt like a puzzle was finally piecing together. It felt like things were going to be coming to an end very, very soon. This was, after all, what the Talent wanted to accomplish, right?

If he completed the Death Waltz, all he had ever wanted in life would be achieved. He would become Rex's right-hand man. He would become someone who brings people together under the beauty of music.

So, then, why did he feel so unsure about the whole thing? Despite overcoming his initial obstacles, he still felt that something was going terribly wrong. Obviously, it wasn't the song that was holding him back, no, for that river was crossed. Why would he not want to finish what he had so eagerly started?

“Fine work Talent. I must say, I didn't expect you to play up to this point. Your hard work and determination have brought you where my father and I could never go.”

Where his father could never go? Suddenly, with this thought, the situation seemed to grip him by the neck. He knew that he had felt something odd about the whole situation, and now things were seeming to add up. Wasn't he the master of his mind? Would he lose control, over this song? The thought was hard to process. But the Talent didn't want to stop now; he must complete what he had started. But then something more primitive crept through the recesses of the Talent's mind. It made absolutely no sense and yet it was all there in his head. His instinct just told him that something very, very bad was going to happen very, very soon.


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