Death Waltz
Author: Dalek Cruccibul

Chapter 2
Chantal's Son

It was a bright and beautiful day in the humble town of Vargo. The bright ocean blue brought in the smell of sea salt to the cottages of its residents. These stone abodes were scattered in no particular fashion amongst the white sand and the green of the rolling hills. There was no need for addresses or streets names in the small town of Vargo, for everyone knew everyone. At 6 am sharp, the town was bustling with life. Fishermen, carpenters, painters, bakers, and all sorts of identities knew exactly what they were going to do for the day. As busy of the town was, nobody failed to stop and smell the roses. It would not be odd to catch a man staring off into the horizon, looking on amongst the vastness of the ocean or the rocky cliffs of Vargo Bay. Nobody minded this because everybody did it. Vargo had the entirety of a busy city feel, yet was just a seaside town when you got to the root of things. Sadly, nobody came to visit here unless you were related in some way to one of the residents. It was one of the best-kept secrets in the country of Roogmoore. But Vargo wasn't the only secret on the west coast. Chantal was

Vargo's pride and joy, and only did the people of Vargo know about her legacy. She was born into a long line of piano playing prodigies. Here in Vargo, in a manor on the east side, is where she was born and raised. Her mother, too, was born here, and her mother before that. The house was almost as old as the town itself and held prominence in the family. Here, Chantal was taught the art of music from her earliest years, hoping to one day pass down her talents to her eldest daughter. This passing of the legacy from eldest daughter to eldest daughter has kept firm in the Chanson bloodline for many, many years.

Men were, of course, born into the family as well. They, just like the daughters who were not born first, were taught the art of piano as well. But they did not carry the family tradition on their shoulders, nor did they have to feel obligated to pursue music. There were few men in the Chanson bloodline, besides those who were married in. When a man married a Chanson, he knew what he was signing up for. He knew that he was being permitted to be part of a family legacy that spans decades. Besides these things, the traditions held firm.

Chantal loved the piano just like her mother had. Her mother Fleur had learned everything from her mother, and was ready to teach Chantal everything that she knew. From her earliest years, Chantal learned the art of music every day, day in and day out. It is because of these teachings between Fleur and Chantal that they became closer than any mother and daughter could be. When she was only 15 years old, Chantal had surpassed her mother's teachings. The students had become the master, and Chantal started to teach herself new ways to play the piano. She began to write her own music, and devised new methods for piano players altogether. But even though Fleur could not teach Chantal, Chantal in turn taught her mother as she learned. Fleur and Chantal lived together in the seaside manor for 20 years before Chantal decided to leave and go see the world. Fleur was heartbroken, but understood that her daughter only wished to broaden her horizon.

Chantal traveled the world, leaving the country of Roogmoore. She saw North Ronen, Ariamere, Melania, and all the countries of the world. Her travels took her six years of her life, were she learned all about the vast musical cultures of the world. On a global scale, Chantal found out, music held deep roots in history. Along with her travels around the world, she met Aldous. Aldous, like Chantal, knew all kinds of things about music. But he was hardly a musician at all, for his love in music was expressed through his love of history. He studied cultures and their roots in music. He studied different forms of music and different races of people and how together they all shared something; music. Chantal was captivated by Aldous and his teachings, of how the entire world was built on the principles of music. From the moment that Chantal met Aldous, she started to fall deeply in love. The feeling was mutual, as Aldous admired Chantal's passion for music. Within the 6 years of their travels, Aldous proposed to Chantal. After their travels, the bride-to-be brought her hubby back to her small town of Vargo.

Chantal was only met with grave news, as she discovered that her mother has passed away. Stricken by grief, she postponed their wedding for the next year to come. Fleur's death was a cloud that hung over

Chantal's head for what seemed to be an eternity. Vargo was a small town, and everybody could do nothing but feel Chantal's sorrow. Poor Chantal was convinced that she had let her mother down, abandoning her, leaving her alone for six years in until her death. But when her depression faded away, she was ready to start a new life. She knew that she had to continue what her mother had left her to do.

Aldous and she were married, and soon after conceived a child. For those nine months, Chantal was happy once more. She was back in her youth, passionate about her traditions and what her family had expected from her. She, then, gave birth to a baby boy. His name was Charles.

Chantal loved her child dearly and was ready to have another. Within the month, Chantal was carrying another child in her womb. Nine months past and she were greeted with ill news; her child had been subject to a miscarriage. Once more, she wept bitter tears. And once more, she grew into a depression. As Charles grew and learned how to play piano, Chantal began to grow ill. At first, there was absolutely nothing to worry about. She went on, day to day, living with her depression and her illness. By the time Charles was seven, she tried to have a child again. This time, due to her illness, she was unable to have a child. It was all too much for her, but she kept strong this time. She could never have a daughter, and would never be able to pass down her family legacy. But, despite these things, she kept strong for Charles.

Will her will was strong, as it was in her youth, her body was fading. She taught as much as she could to little Charles, such as her mother had, but could not escape Death for long. By the time Charles was 14, she had passed away from this world. By this time, Charles knew that his mother had always wanted a daughter. He knew that his mother, besides this, loved him dearest. And because of these things, Charles was struck hard by her death. He was left to himself and his piano, left to his own thoughts.


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