Watching the Ripples Radiate.
Author: marshalg

Chapter 41
Musica and Beauty in the Sunshine, by the Sea.


The harmonies retreat across the blue, blue water.
The air shimmers with the sound of Latin rhythm
And the white walled villas bask in the beat
Of running castanets and rolling, rhythmic guitars.
This is the Latin music quarter
Where that gorgeous woman perambulates,
Rolling her hips.
Rolling her gorgeous hips
To the musica.
Snappy, rhythmic, Latin
Perambulating through the piazza.
Through the hot, sun drenched piazza
And the beautiful still, Ibiza afternoon.
The people move,
Together they move,
Gliding, swinging...
Feeling the living Latin beat
The undulating magic of the beat
And the excitement of the Spanish guitar
Lovingly picked and played
With local excellence and passion and flair.
The fishing boats lie whitely calm,
And the wash of the waves
Cause barely a ripple on the shore.
It is still and hot and the Latin sound
Fills the air with romance
And love and laughter.
Long brown legs sway
As the petticoats slide up high
And the young girls flash their lovely, dark eyes;
Perambulating to the musica.
A shapely matron in a tight red skirt.
Undulates quite alone,
Atop the table in the corner.
The focus spotlights her
And the rhythm swells,
As the musicians sense the moment.
All eyes swing to her
And are held by the magnificence of
Her own secret sensuality.
She moves to the music,
Unaware that she is the center of attention;
This woman is not young,
She has mothered many
And has seen a multitude of seasons pass.
Her beauty is that she is lost
In the rapture of the movement,
In the Magic of the Musica.
Her beauty emanates
And she holds every eye
Ahh... Can you not feel the magnificence of this moment ?,
With the music in Ibiza,
In the sunshine by the sea.

Mangere Bridge
10th April 2008


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