Pandering the Crowd
Author: marshalg

Chapter 58
The Little Towns near Egmont

The little towns near Egmont

That nestle on the plains

To gather close the winding roads

The homing trails and lanes,

The little towns near Egmont

That sleep the whole night long

Cooled by the scent of mountain breeze

Lulled by the sea wind’s song.


The little towns near Egmont

Will ever seem to me

Like stars that deck the evening sky

Or isles that dot the sea,

Like beads that sprinkle here and there

On Taranaki’s gown

Like figures in a rich brocade

Of yellow, green and brown.


The little towns near Egmont

Seen through a summer haze

How fair and fresh and free they lie

Beneath the golden days,

Not crowded in deep valley’s,

Not buried in tall trees

But open to the sun, the rain

The starlight and the breeze.


The little towns near Egmont

What busy lives they hold

With happiness and health to keep

Secure from heat and cold,

The comfortable homesteads,

The park like lands so fair

God keep them restful, clean and pure

As Egmont’s snow peak there.


Hanna Hair

Dawson Falls Lodge

Mount Egmont, Taranaki.

January 1926


This poem, hand written and forgotten, was written by a guest of the house, in a thick, dusty, ancient tome of comments and articles, secreted in a corner of the beautiful and quaint Dawson Falls Alpine Lodge, nestled comfortably in the dense, high podocarp forest, midst the snow clad slopes of volcanic Mt. Egmont in Taranaki, New Zealand.


From its high vantage point on the mountain looking out toward the curving coastline of the vast Tasman sea, the lodge area affords magnificent views of the sparse settlements and farmlands spread widely on the lowland plains before it. By day the smoke rises from farm house chimneys, by night the warm honeyed glow from scattered windows dot like an expanse of fire-flies amidst the velvet blackness extending out to the luminosity of the line of breakers pounding the distant coast.


This delicate work captures the sparse beauty of this magnificent rural place, it further affords a snapshot of that particular era, of the pioneer spirit and rugged endurance of the settlers who made this isolated land home.



Dawson Falls Lodge

26 October 2015


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