Life Happens
Author: Braylee B

Chapter 20
You Are Better Than That

You are better than that boy who treats you like crap.

You are better than that bottle in your hand.

You are better than that knife to your wrist.

You are better than those words that cut through you.

You are just so much better than all of it.

When our lives get to the point where we are struggling, we tend to do things we are not proud of. When I let others words pull me down, I didn't realize my worth. When I let guys use me, hurt me, over and over, I didn't realize my worth.

You don't have to see yourself as this spectacular human being whose amazing at everything. But you DO have to see yourself as more than what you think now. You are strong, no matter how many tears you cry. You are brave, no matter how many times you've not been able to say no. You are WORTH it, no matter what everyone else has made you think or feel about yourself.

The people who have the biggest hearts, who care the most, who would do ANYTHING for ANYONE, despite their own struggles, are the ones who hurt the most. We are the ones who put everyone else's life and problems before our own. We will listen and help others as long as they need us, but we will not share out own problems. To us, our problems are less significant. We'd rather make others feel better than have others try and understand the problems we cannot comprehend ourselves.

Every time I tell someone my problems, I end up walking away or pushing them away because I start to feel like a burden. They don't understand anyway, because I don't even understand my problems. I do not understand why I feel the way I do, why my mindset is how it is. I do not know how to change. So how can another person help me?

We put our feelings aside to ensure others happiness, but WE ARE BETTER THAN THAT.

We deserve love the most.

We need people the most.

To every girl that has had a guy use her, make her feel like he cared, but never did: YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT. - He is the one to blame. It was never your fault you love too deeply, care too much. It is his loss. All of their losses.

To every guy whose every fallen for the girl who only cares about herself: YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT. - You tried to show her she's a princess, just like you were taught. It is her fault she couldn't see how lucky she was. 

To every person who has ever felt hurt by someone else, unworthy, broken. YOU ARE BETTER THAN THAT.


Have faith in yourself. Believe that every day will bring you closer to a better life.

I Believe in you.

So should you.


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