When the Sun Sets
Author: Tadia

Chapter 12
Granny Josie

Brooke woke up in a warm comfortable bed with Shadow on her stomach, she yawned, maybe yesterday had all been a dream. Brooke blinked, but it wasn't. Brooke was laying down in a small bed next to a fireplace and there was an old lady sitting in a rocking chair sewing in front of the fireplace. The old woman had white hair and glasses, she wore a dress of blue calico with a pretty white apron.


"Hello sweetie" the old woman said " finally up ,are you?". The old woman smiled, "I am Granny Josie, you were in pretty bad shape when I found you children, now have some soup" Granny Josie smiled and walked out of the wooden door and into another room. The house looked like a log cabin.


Granny came back in with a small wooden bowl and spoon. "Careful" she told Brooke "Its very hot". Brooke took the hot wooden bowl and sipped the soup out of the spoon. This chicken noodle soup was the best she had ever tasted. "Wow" Brooke told her, feeling better already, "How did you make this stuff". Granny Josie laughed "Old family recipie".


Brooke pushed herself out of the bed and Shadow streached and got up. "Wonderful family of cats you have sweetheart, now do you want something to eat Shadow" Grandma Josie said sweetly. "How.. how do you know his name"  Brooke asked, "Ohhh he told me, and would you like to go fishing". Brooke stared at Shadow "You told her your name" she said sternly, "And yours and Shawns" Shadow smiled and walked daintly through the door Granny had come from.


Just then Brooke remembered the only other suriver of the train wreck, Shawn. "Ohh, he's out fishing" Granny Josie said, "did she read my mind??!!"  Brooke thuoght. Brooke said she woud go fishing too, so Granny gave her another outfit to change into. "Here, werar this while i was your clothes" Granny Josie said handing her a green and black tee-shirt with black pants.


When Brooke had changed into them Granny Josie said "Just into the living room and straight out the back door", Brooke took that as derections to how to get out of the house. Brooke walked through the door and looked into the living room. It was planily a kithchen with sofa's and chairs, and suprisingly, a small antenna TV. The cats were sleeping on one of the couches. The back door was behind one of the sofa's. Brooke walked out and saw a small stream behind the house where Shawn was supposily fishing.....


But Shawn wasn't fishing, he was slamming rocks into the stream muttering under his breath, Brooke did not want to hear what he was saying. "Shawn" Brooke said softly, Shawn whipped around, his face was red and covered with tears, his arm in a homemade sling. "What" he cried, slumping down against a log. Brooke came over trying to be sympathic, he had just lost his mother and sister. "Shawn, I'm sorry" Brooke thought, then it hit her, he had no were to go, "Shawn.... would you like to...come with me..to where i'm going". Shawns eyes brightened a bit and then he asked, "were are you going", "to a hill side over looking a lake" Brooke answered. Shawn smiled, "That is were i always wanted to live" he whispered. "Fine then" Brooke said, "When you're all healed we will leave, hope you heal soon", Brooke winked.


As Brooke left Shawns additude changed, he became happy, and started fishing.   


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